Saturday, October 3, 2015

Why are You Afraid of Google+? Originally posted October 23, 2013

Did you know Google+ launched in 2011?  Did you also know there was a beta (testing) stage before it was available to the public?  For those who have yet to get out of the Facebook and Twitter bubble. Google+ is Google's "social network".  Yes, it has turned out to be much more than a social network.   The diverse type of people, plus a surge of the internet and technology minded folks. However, just with other social networks, any interest from TV shows to sports to gadgets to cooking began to bring people closer together. Along those lines, the one Google+ feature that set itself apart from other social networks, would be Hangouts followed by Hangouts On-Air.  By a glance, it looks like Skype, but so much better. For starters, it brings 10 people together via webcams and microphone technology found on your average laptop computer. This allowed for conversations, then as Google+ users and developers talked about ways to improve the platform, more features to the Hangouts were made available. The ability to broadcast live over YouTube via Google+ Hangouts became available. This opened up new doors for those in media or with creative ideas to display their passions. Other than you average post about cats, your family, or what you had today for lunch, you can find interesting as well as abnormal content on Google+.  Many other articles written about Google+ talk about the "superiority" of Google+ as a social network. The irony is that with the inclusion of Hangouts, and they way you can share posts actually puts more social in the network than ever before. Tell me again why you haven't tried Google+? Why are you afraid?

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