Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Career Change? Originally posted June 20, 2014

About a week ago, I was let go from my job as a link builder for an agency. Funny thing is that I saw it coming weeks before, as my main boss pulled me aside for lunch one day saying I had a few weeks to tote the line. Eh, considering this internet marketing industry changes daily, I had grown to be burnt out with the way things were done within the department. It was increasingly clear as I applied for the open position in the content marketing department during this time as well. Little did I know, I wasn't the only one vying for this position, and couldn't be happier for the person who got the job. So when there was weird emails or instant messages from my main boss about a meeting first thing in the morning, I knew what was coming. I had been looking for other jobs, but due to timing of everything, I hadn't landed a job yet. Needless to say, I have been applying for open positions in my industry for different companies and organizations for the past week. However, I am not sure this the route I should go. I am already an entrepreneur from the websites I have built and continue to run. I have been employed to link build for colleagues side projects, and have been sought out for my knowledge of social media before. The reason I hadn't pursued such a career before was that I needed experience in the industry first, and perhaps develop my brand as me more. Thinking this means it's time for a career change in the sense that I launch my own business as a freelance marketer and social media consultant. I enjoy creating content for sports and music lovers alike. I seem to have created great and engaging social media followings through my profiles, pages, and accounts. So, I guess the next step is to seek out clients, and to get started with sharing my knowledge. Some may say that this sort of thing is saturated, but I have been able to build a brand around my passions and knowledge.

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