Saturday, October 3, 2015

NKOTBSB hits Vegas...Originally Posted June 6, 2011

Decided to delete an old blog started almost 8 years ago. Instead of deleting all posts, I will post many that were needed at different points of my life. Enjoy!

 If you read my blog, you know where I stand on this joint tour. Anyways, the opportunity to go to the Las Vegas NKOTBSB show via a free ticket won at 98.5 KLUC, and the quest to be with my BH Family presented itself. I gladly took it due to needing a weekend full of fun and laughter! Again, if you re-read my old posts, I never said I wouldn't go to a show if a FREE ticket presented itself nor did I say I didn't want to share another weekend with Blockhead family. Let me say, I had a blast partying with Kellie my partner in crime all weekend; so many memories made over 4 days! I had fun catching up with BH from everywhere! I love the feeling of a convention of BH when NKOTB events happen. Especially on a holiday weekend with events surrounding it, plus the "Official NKOTB After Party" at Chateau Nightclub! Knowing all of this, I am sure all who are reading are just dying to know what I thought of the show. As always NKOTB fucking killed it...hands down. On the other hand, Backstreet Boys entertained, and did a good job; yet I am still not a fan. I am not rushing out to buy their music, nor do I appreciate them butchering Prince or ACDC. Again, they did their thing entertaining and pleasing their die hard fans. After talking to many other BH, I came to the conclusion that there was a weird aura surrounding that day causing the crowd to be quieter than normal. I tried to have the best time with my fellow BH in my section, but being that we were surrounded by Backstreet Boys fans, it was different. I didn't feel the euphoria the whole time due to my love and dislike for the other. Conditionally, y'all would be proud of me for understanding concert etiquette regardless if I like the performers and performance or not. I didn't like the rude comments from BSB fans around me as I was enjoying NKOTB. I didn't understand the sitting at the concert or having two people by me leave half way through the concert. I felt that most of our section needed a crash course in music in general. How do you not know who BBD or Montell Jordan is as NKOTB did brilliant mashups? I understand the age difference in fans, but really? Maybe, I am just educated in music. Oh, when both bands were introducing each other, could it kill you to support your guys at least? I know not all Backstreet Boys fans are like this, but WOW. I have to say the MVP of the show was Griffin McIntyre, and Joey bringing him up to sing "Tonight". That was just fucking adorable. I could nitpick every little difference between NKOTB and BSB, but I am sure that has been done before.  

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