Monday, June 11, 2018

Trending Topics with BB #79-Intricacy: Extrema Tour Artists

Manuel Le Saux, Carlos Arteaga, and Casey Rasch made up this podcast's first panel to chat about trance music, trance family, and the trance scene. Please enjoy this candid conversation!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Trending Topics with BB #78-Danny Stephen

Danny Stephen A.K.A. Danny McMahon joined to chat about trance music, Phoenix Trance Family, music production, and more!

Stop Mental Health Shaming

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As a person who has many different passion projects that are expressed through blogging, social media, and a podcast at times, I have been very open about my personal struggle with generalized anxiety disorder and depression.  Almost a year ago, I made the leap to stage my own intervention that has been documented on my YouTube channel and talked about on my podcast of quitting my medication Paroxetine (generic Paxil) COLD TURKEY to find more natural alternatives. My reasons for quitting the medication I was on for 6 years, were the physical side effects as well as my state of mind not being clear enough. I began to figure out that the medication was numbing all of my pain, and allowing me to live a generic existence. Stressful situations concerning jobs and everyday life lead me to turn to food on and off the medication. This caused me to quit eating healthy as well as quitting exercise via my routine gym schedule. I grew up an athlete, and become quite fond of my time in the gym, however, my mental state was deteriorating.

I am telling you this to get to my main point. There has been several recent suicides that not only have shocked "some" of the world, but have seemed to spark an overall awareness of mental health. Not to mention the constant debate of mental health and the every present school shootings in the United States. I want to end the shaming of those with mental health "issues". This is pointed at fellow sufferers who have at times risen above the necessary decisions to end their life. Despite the conditions being the same, WE all have different struggles. Just as we all know there is a stigma on mental health, the shaming from other sufferers on whether or not you sought out help NEEDS to stop.  It is great that you did what you did to find a way to get help and to stick with that overall plan, however, it is NOT that simple for EVERYONE. In your efforts to reach out to those suffering, please keep in mind that shaming a person for their struggle is just as bad as the overall stigma on mental health.