Monday, May 24, 2021

Music/Entertainment Industries are BACK (In Las Vegas)!


Let's all face it, 2020 was a year for resetting a lot of life in humanity on planet Earth.  The COVID-19 Pandemic shut down entire industries in Government efforts to save lives.  The Music & Entertainment industries were one of these industries. As those who may read OLD posts or listen to Trending Topics with BB podcast episodes must know by now that I LOVE attending concerts, comedy shows, & electronic dance music events/festivals.   

Despite saving money when the industry shut down in 2020, my "addiction" to the feeling of LIVE music still remains. Thus, as the music and entertainment industry explodes with tour and residency announcements, I was asked to compile a list of Las Vegas Residencies prompted by one of my Facebook posts.

Las Vegas Residencies (in no particular order or genre):

This post will continue to be updated with more information.