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Why the Gun Violence? Originally posted August 26, 2015

Here we go again, more death due to gun violence. This time the whole incident was captured on live TV as it was a reporter and her cameraman. So apparently, we now have to fear just standing in the street and getting interviewed by the media. Not making light on the situation or trying to scare those who read this blog, but rather share some thoughts on the matter. Be advised, not against guns, but gun violence that's completely unwarranted. Due to avoiding and stigma surrounding mental health, another person has caused death. As a person, who is considered mentally ill with anxiety, I don't take this issue lightly. Yet, everybody lives life differently. The many signs that people surround this angry and violent individual may have been prevented if the stigma didn't exist.  Thoughts are with the families of the victims.  Let's figure out why the gun violence can happen for it ACTUALLY happens!

My Take on Donald Trump Originally posted August 24, 2015

Decided that despite the remarks I made on a former episode of #TrendingTopicswithBB, to delve deeper into my thoughts on the media circus that is Donald Trump.  For years, the Donald had threatened to run for President under the Republican party.  As if his financial and business "power" would be enough to change the outlook on the party and leadership of the United States. With the Democratic race primarily between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, why not shake up the GOP as there are WAY too many candidates to take seriously. Let's be real here, his "refreshing" way of saying the hell comes to mind has gotten everybody in the media in a frenzy, not to mention is knack for not apologizing. However, what he says really has no validity nor logic whatsoever.  Knowing this defeats the purpose of actually finding him as a good candidate for President, yet, he's currently leading the polls in the Republican (GOP) race. My question for American voters is, are you going to vote based on logic or based on the circus this man presents? Donald Trump may be a "great businessman" but I highly doubt a great president.

Seeing Benny Benassi Live Originally posted July 13, 2015

This shouldn't come as a shock to you if you read this blog, or the music blog linked above. However, since my love for music is not modest nor a secret, knowing how influential Benny Benassi on my ever growing love of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) has been throughout my life(as evident in my Ignite Phoenix presentation). It was the introduction to the song "Satisfaction" among other songs years ago, that lead me to his legendary electronic sound as well as skill as a DJ. Along with other pioneers in the genre of EDM, his popularity is still intact, thus when the announcement of his set at my local Summer hot spot Release Pool Parties, I knew I had to go.
A video posted by Brooke Brown (@saxy15) on

Totally worth it! @iambennyb is the man! #EDM #EDMFamily #music #electronic A video posted by Brooke Brown (@saxy15) on

4th of July Originally posted July 3, 2015

This 4th of July episode of #TrendingTopicswithBB covers Donald Trump, the Inequality of Equality, and the Appeal of Accents.

Welcome Caitlyn Jenner Originally posted June 4, 2015

In this episode of #TrendingTopicswithBB, updates on life, Ignite Phoenix,  and welcome to the world Caitlyn Jenner!

Ignite Phoenix #17-Part 2 Originally posted May 31, 2015

The venue was Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts, the event involved live music, food trucks, a bar, and well a beautiful day in Scottsdale, Arizona. The worry, but also calm that came with the process of putting together an outline of the key points of my presentation, talking to my coach for wisdom, and then putting the final product together. I am in the minority when it comes to public speaking, my fear doesn't come from the act, more like my perfectionist way of wanting to deliver the best speech I possibly could. Knowing that my parents were attending, and wanting to get the point across to them first then the rest of the audience second was daunting. My parents know I love music, and that I know a lot about music, but showing them I could speak to an audience was a true goal. Perhaps my passion for this music was my true fear, and yet I knew the more I practiced my presentation, the more I was going to get nervous. Thus, after last minute meetings, and talks with my AWESOME coach Bill, I believed I was ready to show the world why "EDM Makes Me Tick". I truly want to thank the team at Ignite Phoenix for the honor of presenting a topic that I am really passionate about, meeting other presenters with same passions for other topics, and the opportunity to join a non-profit that is truly great for the community.

Ignite Phoenix #17-Part 1 Originally posted May 24, 2015

An interesting opportunity came to light one day while brainstorming and searching for employment about four months ago. The idea to become a public speaker had crossed my mind once again, yet figuring out how to be that traveling public speaker is not that easy.  While browsing the internet, Ignite Phoenix came across my screen, peaking my interest. The ability to submit based on a subject that came from passion was immediately intriguing. Yet, I wasn't not convinced that I should submit. Life happens, but once again browsing the internet, this time submitting didn't seem as intimidating as the deadline for submissions was only days away.  The usual pessimistic thoughts of not being chosen crossed my mind. Fast forward a few weeks, a phone call on a Sunday afternoon with the news that my topic had been chosen as one of the 18 presenters out of over 160 submissions. To say I was shocked and honored was saying the least. "EDM Makes Me Tick" became the chance to explain what Electronic Dance Music is, and why I love it so much. There is much more to that genre of music than is normally reported by popular media outlets.  Attending the boot-camp to get meet other presenters, the volunteer team (non-profit), and get questions answered was on the agenda.  It was nice to learn that every presenter had a coach who was also there to help out putting presentation together, and any other support needed. Having public speaking experience, and knowing my subject weren't hurdles, rather making the outline, and narrowing the presentation to fit the 5 minute time limit became challenging.   Stay tuned for part 2. 

Social Traffuck Ignorant Crimes Originally posted April 18, 2015

In this episode of #TrendingTopicswithBB, an explanation/rant about Traf-FUCK followed by comments on the current social media landscape, then bringing it home with comments on the Ignorant Crimes Spree happening these days.

Diet is a Four Letter Word Originally posted April 2, 2015

This episode of #TrendingTopicswithBB called for some thoughts and basically dislike of the word "Diet". It is literally and figuratively a four letter word.

Why Dubstep & Skrillex ruins EDM for Me? Originally posted March 30, 2015

Want to start off by saying, that this means no disrespect towards Skrillex nor the ability to create a flare in music that is Dubstep. The creativity to create a sub-genre within a ever growing popular genre of music should continue to be encouraged. That said, Skrillex just doesn't make my enjoyment of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) better, and after this past weekend at Ultra Music Festival, it's clear the goal isn't the music.  Yes, just as Paris Hilton shouldn't be credited as a DJ, including Justin Bieber & Diddy tends to decrease the credibility of the word collaboration. Many EDM purists feel that a lot of the popular DJs in the scene have sold out for the pop spotlight. Some of us lie between the purists and general masses spectrum, thus where to draw that line continues to be debated. Yes, Martn Garrix brought out Usher to debut their new single, and that was well received. In fact with that thought comes the realization that Usher was Justin's career mentor.  Hmm? To explain why Dubstep & Skrillex ruins EDM for those us out there.  With EDM, there's a time when you find yourself lost in the beats giving you that warm and fuzzy feeling. When "the Skrillex part" or Dubstep kicks in on a remix, the vibe gets way too chaotic. The warm and fuzzy feeling turns into a "oh shit" feeling. Not really that comforting when EDM tends to be about the connectivity of your fellow human. Sounds dramatic, but for an EDM junkie, this has been experienced. Why ruin the vibe just to add a flare halfway through a track?

What Makes Me Tick? Originally posted March 25, 2015

In this latest episode of #TrendingTopicswithBB, the explanation of what makes me tick is discussed. For instance, music, sports, keeping it real, giving back, and not judging others. Find us on TuneIn Radio!! 

The Danger of Over Saturation Originally posted March 23, 2015

This is not the first time to comment on this topic. The popularity, possibilities, and overall anticipation with the internet is to blame for this. Yes, there is a danger of over saturation within the internet marketing industry. Why? Well, upon falling into the industry through my entrepreneurial endeavors, it has become blatantly obvious. The funny thing is that many within the industry fail to focus on the obvious. That is social media, sure many brands, companies, people, projects, and so on have their many pages, profiles, and the like. However, they fail to put the simple connection that they require communication. While learning a lot during my work at a internet marketing agency in the past, social media marketing became more and more apparent. Now after sharing thoughts on the matter, there seems to be a following of those within the industry hanging on my every Tweet. See, when using 140 character or less, a person can get to the point quicker. Yet, whether it's negative or positive many pay close attention. Hell, with the use of lists, a person, brand, or company does not have to even follow you. They can simply follow the list. How did this become a danger? Assuming the definition of over saturation does not have to be displayed here, it seems every time you search for anything related, a new agency pops up. With the evolution of the internet along with technology, it will become apparent that many will figure out hiring an agency may not be needed after skills are acquired. Not to say agencies won't continue to exist, but to avoid this danger of over saturation, they must adapt as well.

My in depth look at "Fifty Shades of Grey" Originally posted March 18, 2015

Upon finishing listening to the trilogy of "Fifty Shades of Grey" book via Audible recently as well as seeing the movie more than once, it's clear as to why these are so popular. Yes, people are interested in sex mixed in with BDSM that was previously discussed on an episode of  #TrendingTopicswithBB.  However, that is not completely what this story is truly about. Many are quick to make their opinions based on the characters themselves, the way the protagonist portrays her "innocence" by being a virgin. As  U.S. society leads us to believe that most people are naive based on the fact that they have not had much experience with sex or the sensuality that BDSM brings. Yet, society makes it difficult to talk about sexual preferences or sex in general without judgement. Perhaps it comes down to maturity, but there seems to be more than meets the eye in this case. The horrible yet required sex education courses that lots of people have endured over the years in school have constantly been labeled as the problem.  These books are not the first ones to describe sex and BDSM as there is an entire romance/erotica genre. Without giving out spoilers, what starts out as focusing on this lifestyle turns into a love story. The underlying message to take from this trilogy is to be open minded about what can happen in an relationship from all parties. Criticism about abuse or whether it depicts BDSM correctly have been made by many. The relatability of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey has also been criticized yet this trilogy has captivated the world in prose and film. Perhaps the books and movies aren't the only thing to be open minded about.

SAE Racism Originally posted March 17, 2015

This latest episode of #TrendingTopicswithBB deals with facts, thoughts, and ramifications that can come from racist content becoming public. What are your thoughts on this scandal? Does the Fraternity have power in suing the University? Oh, the SAE Racism scandal.

Lost in a Brain Cortex Originally posted March 11, 2015

Ever feel like no matter what you do, decide, or think the world is telling you that you are lost in a brain cortex? No, just me. Got it. Perhaps so many relating factors like school choices, financial decisions, and family influences contribute to such a state. Since I am wired to listen to my brain before any other part, I grasp at logic before solace.  Oh, brain cortex is usually called the cerebral cortex and is defined as the outer layer of neural tissue in mammals. Yes, that has contributed to my driven nature to make something of myself. However, presently that seems to allude me. From debt to mental to emotional exhaustion, the uncertainty of knowing what I want out of life. Sick of repeating my problems, but just trying to narrow the gap among head and heart to find happiness.

Hypocrisy Originally posted March 8, 2015

In this episode of #TrendingTopicswithBB, a "rant" about hypocrisy needed to be discussed. Feel free to respond to the questions posed within the episode. Please subscribe on Soundcloud!  For you Apple Users! 

TV Review: Orange Is The New Black Originally posted March 4, 2015

Let's just say, that if Neflix keeps creating these type of shows, well, it will continue to grow. Again, like the other popular show (check previous post), a lot of us are late to the party. However, ironically as the binge watching ended up completion of season 2 this week, the announcement of season 3 allows us to rejoice. Spoilers are BAD, thus, this review will be without any. Yet, the general premise of this show is a middle aged women leaves her fiance and life to turn herself into prison for a crime committed years before. Although noble, upon entering this all female prison with interesting guards and administration the journey begins.  Why is it called "Orange Is The New Black"? Perhaps a take on the fatigues worn as a new inmate, and the segregation the prison may possess. What is your interpretation? Obviously academies who decide who win Emmy's, "Golden Globes", and the like have found the production value to be high. Depending on your knowledge of pop culture, your recognition of actors may very. Conditionally, all actors playing these incarcerated characters are brilliant. From Lavern Cox to Uzo Aduba, to Taylor Schilling, you begin to care about each and every one. Again, for fear of revealing spoilers for those just now beginning their binge watching, show creator Jenji Kohan has a brilliant show to keep creating. Then again after the popularity of the show "Weeds", it is to be expected.

TV Show Review: House of Cards Originally posted March 3, 2015

For those (like me) who haven't finished season 3 yet, don't worry no spoilers to be given. Hell, for those who haven't watched any of it, major spoilers will not be given either.  I must admit, I am new to the whole binge watching world that Netflix brings about, but it's fun. Granted it also proves that I have too much time on my hands at the moment.  Who needs sleep anyway? Let's all admit that "House of Cards" begins really slow.  Meaning if you don't past the first few episodes, then you may not keep watching.  Comparing to political dramas of the past such as "West Wing", this show had a very fast pace. Thus, if you were not paying close attention, you could miss a pivotal scene for the plot. However, "House of Cards" has the normal pace we see in TV nowadays, the only difference is that Netflix production means most rules do not apply. For a country that happens to be heavily censored, yet one of the worlds most predominant producers of porn, this show is a breath of fresh air. It allows for more authenticity within the writing, and the acting makes the characters more real and relate-able. In fact, when asking for other people's opinions on the matter, the feeling that this show is close to the government the U.S. currently has. For us realists out there, authenticity is the way to go, and perhaps proves the Washington, DC. is a house of cards. Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood and Robin Wright as Claire Underwood run this show.  For fear of spoilers (which I can't personally stand), the show is brilliant, and deserves all of the praise it is getting.

Music Suggestions Originally posted February 26, 2015

In this episode of #TrendingTopicswithBB, some music suggestions in the form of genres and specific artists are given. Shouldn't be a shocker that A Capella and Electronic Dance Music were in these suggestions. Want to book a cabin on The Groove Cruise out of LA for $50 less? Use code: save50forGCinLA here

How do you view yourself online? Originally posted February 20, 2015

Don't worry, this isn't going to be a post about what you can do to protect yourself from predictors or your use of social media. Rather it has been pointed out to me that an entire opinion of who you are based on what you post, Tweet, or share. It's actually quite simple, you may be playing into a persona based on the reaction or interaction you get from those online. Despite thinking you react to others, you just may be playing into the opinion others have of you. Without sarcasm font, us smart asses in the world are rejected by those who apparently think sarcasm is a "form of bullying".  Yes, been told this by a person who used to have a huge sense of humor.  So how do you view yourself online? Why can't we be who we are in person online? Have we become so enthralled with impressing those "public figures" that our fear of rejection translates into our online behavior?

Sunday, October 4, 2015

TV Show Review: Rock This Boat Originally posted February 18, 2015

Hello fellow Blockheads (New Kids on the Block Fans) and any other person who reads the thoughts that spew from my brain. Let's first catch you up! Donnie Wahlberg is one older brother of Mark Wahlberg, and has been building his acting and producing repertoire throughout his career.  That's where his production company Donnie D Productions came into play.  Noble goals especially with the show "Boston's Finest" on TNT, which was about the lives of the men and women on the police force. Yes, we live in a world where TV has largely become reality based TV. The cost of production is very low, and those willing to put themselves through interesting situations for fifteen seconds of fame largely line up for such spotlight. Even with the onslaught of reality TV, networks are raking in the dough from high ratings which translates into advertising revenue. So for any eager BH paying twice to three times the amount of a normal cruise to embark on a cruise with their favorite 5 guys of NKOTB, it shouldn't come as a shock to you that the now annual cruise from 2014 will be filmed for Pop TV's "Rock This Boat".  What is the worse that can happen? That is a loaded question for a fan base that is often labeled as crazy or even worst Bat Shit Crazy. Granted there are those few out there that deserve that label, but not all of us in the fan base that is the Blockheads deserve that portrayal.  Hell, after three previous attempts, 2014 was my holy grail of getting on the SSNKOTB.
Looked forward to partying, laughing, unplugging, oh, and those New Kids.  That time to board the ship June 2014 came, and the excitement/anticipation of such an event didn't disappoint. That was obvious when my voice was gone by day 2 of a the 4 day cruise. From the first 15 minutes of the "Sail Away" party, I personally witnessed the production crew taking two sets of cast members, setting them at a table, instructing them to chat, then yelling, "Cut!". Yeah, believe me, I know reality TV isn't really reality, but I wasn't expecting such production so soon on the cruise.  Oh well, it's time to enjoy my experience with my friends, and make new friends. Then while gallivanting around the boat, my countless encounters with film crew members entailed asking their opinions (off the record) of our "little" fan base.  The underlying fear of the show portraying all of us as a crazy bunch of obsessed opportunists, and well, BSC (Bat Shit Crazy) was very evident. If you are aware of the laws of sailing international waters, there can't be a spontaneous wedding starring two members of New Kids on the Block.

A wedding on a cruise has to be ordained by the ship's captain as well as would not likely include a guest list of the rest of the other cruisers. So when Donnie (unofficial cruise director) makes an announcement to all meet on the lido deck immediately, we all came running, only to find out we are about to be a part of a wedding that would put most fairy tale weddings to shame in the mind of any Blockhead. As a person just waking up from a hour and half nap (I possessed free time after the photo op with the band that morning), I just ran for the elevators. This brings me to the point of this post, the review of the actual show. After having to sign a waiver to be shown on TV before embarking, of course I was going to watch the show. I wanted to see if I could spot friends, I were to be shown, and how the show was going to turn out.  The back stories of each group of cast members varies, and be proud to be a fan ladies and gents (oh, wait after meeting the Scottish Men on the boat...let's just  My personal opinions of the cast members is not important, but what is important is Rock This Boat is portraying us in that BSC way that is feared by pretty much every BH. Other than who these people are, and their connection to NKOTB as a fan, it is VERY obvious that everything is staged. The show does not show the BLAST that the cruise truly is, and that every Blockhead should experience it at least once in their lifetime!  Oh, and the dude who claims to be the cruise director/narrator of the show has not given accurate information throughout each episode.  I can't speak for every Blockhead out there, but please for the sake of a devoted fan base show some continuity in your information! This can not be the way Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Jordan Knight, and Jonathan Knight actually views us as fans, or is it? On a scale of 1-5 on quality of show of a personal experience, I will give the show a generous 2.5.  

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Originally posted February 17, 2015

In this episode of #TrendingTopicswithBB, a review and thoughts of the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie were given. Don't worry, there aren't any spoilers! Have you seen the movie yet? Soundcloud

Grammys 2015 Wrap-Up Originally posted February 12, 2015

In this episode of #TrendingTopicswithBB, it's time to talk about the Grammy Awards.  As a huge music fan, it seemed like a trending topic worth talking about. Enjoy this Grammys 2015 wrap-up! Do you agree with the winners? Prefer Soundcloud?  Prefer iTunes?

Taking 2015 Off From NKOTB Originally posted February 6, 2015

GASP! Yeah, many of you may be thinking, "Oh, she has said that before, and if their is will and way, she will be at the next NKOTB event she can get to. Plus she must be best friends with Donnie Wahlberg by now." Well, you are wrong...about part of that statement. Since 2008, there has been the tradition for me to end up at an event (concert, cruise, or Walk of Fame Ceremony).  Despite this trend, there is other music, and other things that are of interest to me. I know, right? My passion for music (especially EDM) intensifies daily. My exploration of other artists, groups, and songs is just what happens. Some friends and family may say, that I have a knack from moving on to one obsession to the next. Moving on truly never happens, the focus changes for a period of time. That being said, I WILL NOT be attending any New Kids on the Block events this year.  If all goes to plan, there will be other events to attend. Let me repeat that, I am taking 2015 off from NKOTB.

Media's Obsession with Scandals Originally posted January 24, 2014

In this latest episode of #TrendingTopicswithBB, an update on #MoviestoSee is provided as well as some thoughts and opinions on media's obsession with scandals. What are your thoughts? Other places to find this #Podcast: Soundcloud iTunes

#TTWBB #11-Let's Catch Up Originally posted January 6, 2015

In this episode of #TrendingTopicswithBB, the need for us to catch up was there pending the time that has passed since the last episode.  Movies to see became a segment, stigmas were addressed, and well mentions of life. Subscribe: Soundcloud & iTunes

New Year Revelation Originally posted January 1, 2015

Hope you have enjoyed the transition of #TrendingTopicswithBB to a Podcast form.  Seems to be enjoyed by some listeners.  The intention to keep sharing thoughts on what is trending will continue. Yeah, so about 2 weeks ago I ran of my "medication" that I have been on for about 3 months thinking it was refills for the medication that I have been on for my anxiety and depression for about 3 years now. Upon running out and needing to get a check up and lack of withdrawals that I usually get from stopping this sort of medication, I have been on a weaker not really good for me medication. No wonder I haven't been feeling well, well in terms of being able to control my anxiety. Going back to nothing has lead to this new year revelation.  I need to figure out a plan on getting out of this misery that is my misery. For half of 2014, I have been bouncing from job to job, adding more jobs to my plate, trying to figure out if internet marketing is the industry for me, and figuring this entrepreneur thing out. Yeah, that was a long list. My thoughts tend to run-on, and on. Not sure how I am going to do this, but the new year revelation has been made. Until then, I will remain in my Netflix binge and huge LOVE of Straight No Chaser.

#TTwBB #10-Movies to See Originally posted December 23. 2014

In this episode of #TrendingTopicswithBB, I explore movies to see as many advertisements, and we embark on the award season. Suggest you take in one of these listed or interests you!

TrendingTopicswithBB #9-G+Secret Santa Originally posted December 15, 2014

Wanted to highlight a ever growing program that started from an honest place on Google+ a few years ago. I suggest joining Secret Santa if you have a Google/GMail account! Spreads great cheer!

Trending Topics with BB #8-Podcast Originally posted December 14, 2014

The latest episode of Trending Topics with BB in Podcast form as voted by YOU the followers of my G+ Page. Who do you find interesting, fascinating, influential, and intriguing of 2014?

My Love for EDM Originally posted December 6, 2014

Music of all genres has been a huge influence in my life, and is a part that has shaped the person I am today.  Until recently, I could never put a reason on why music defines me as much as it does. Well, it has a power of calming me down from my daily anxiety struggle. I grew up in the 90s, but my old soul has not discriminated against eras or genres (with the exception of Country).   My love for the art of dance came at a very early age, thus the love of music had to follow suit. While growing up, I became more and more enthralled with music history and specific types of music. One day I found a radio station in high school that most specialized in broadcasting dance music or what is known as #EDM (Electronic Dance Music) now. Thus, my love for EDM was born. It's really hard to explain how much I love music, and why I have made going to concerts a hobby to this day. You could say playing Saxophone for 17 or more years, and really studying music theory helped along the way. Something about the intricacies of the beats, melodies, and carefree thoughts that come with EDM. As pop music has been more and more ingrained with the dance music style, "the movement" of EDM has grown tremendously over the years. Despite the ease and appeal of becoming a DJ/Producer these days, the competition among those in the EDM scene doesn't seem to be volatile. It's more of a family/close friend feel, that allows fans of the genre to let loose and feel the same way. Sure, EDM events have had their share of bad incidents and press. From people being trampled to the use of drugs to name a couple. Yet, when watching a set from a well known DJ these days, the crowd along with the DJ just has a blast for the love of EDM!

Something Has Been Brewing Originally posted November 17, 2014

Hi, and welcome to another edition of what is going on in Brooke's mind at the moment.  Or should I say that something has been brewing since last post, but today became the breaking point. For months I have been trying to figure out what I want to do for my career since losing my internet marketing job in June. My OCD/ADD tendencies don't appreciate the timing in which I was let go, but realizing that I don't have control over these things eases the pain for the moment. Since then, the struggle to get unemployment, desperately accept a job for a company that didn't suit me as well as struggle with deciding if a particular company was just as "perfect" as "the signs" just were constantly there or not there. I thoroughly enjoy working at the part-time jobs I have now, but this does not pay my bills. Instead of alleviating my debt to almost nothing a year ago, I have doubled it. Some will blame one of my hobbies as being one of the main reasons. It is part of it, but that outlet is really important to me for my sanity, so I would like to figure out the balance.  People have told me that I am an inspiration from my Entrepreneurial endeavors with my websites. Thank you, I am really flattered, but that praise doesn't pay my bills.  I tried to launch my own business based on the skill set I have acquired, yeah, I knew it was the wrong move, and yet I attempted to risk it. Won't be going down that road again, and unless I come up with something one of the "sharks" on "Shark Tank" invest in, I am fine with that. For a few weeks, I let a friend stay at my place after it was supposed to be a couple of days.  Surprisingly knowing my feelings on day three, my conscience said continue to help her out.  Friends help each other out when needed. However, my anxiety/stress has been increasing instead of decreasing (I take a pill everyday to stay sane and calm), which can cause my mind to go into overload. For the new readers, this pattern of hobby, family, anxiety not mixing has been going on for YEARS. You would think things would be improving, but alas, I am here using this as a form of therapy. When my anxiety/stress gets to this point, the feelings of spontaneous cry spells or panic attack looms from the feelings I used to have prior to being medicated.   Now back to operation revamp my resume & cover letter. So I can get that job my years of suffering in college should produce. Ciao!

Bah Humbug Originally posted November 3, 2014

You know when you are a kid, and your family tries to do the best for you, holiday season is an exciting time every year. Yet, as time progresses through life, circumstances change, family dynamics change, and well overall perspective changes. This brings me to my description of Bah Humbug. As I write this post, Halloween was about 3 days ago, and I find myself really depressed today. Could be from the financial struggle I have put myself through. Or it could be from the misunderstanding about a certain aspect of my life. Or it could be my anxiety getting worse, and perhaps I should get a check up from my Doctor. As you can tell, it could be a combination of all of the above. I need to figure out how to pay back the debt I owe to people as well as figure out this career life crisis thing. I really don't have a clue as to what I should do. I know what I want to do, but it's unconventional, and could get me into trouble in the future. I have been using an outlet for the past 6 years to escape from the bullshit stress I have in life, but not entirely sure that has been the best way to deal with it. I am really not looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am only excited for New Year's as it means the beginning of a new year. I appreciate all of the friends out there offering their motivational support. Since losing my first decent salaried job in June, I have been feeling like a failure. I have tried to put up a positive front with job applications, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Yet, the struggle continues. So sorry for being a Bah Humbug this holiday season!

Explore Your Options Originally posted October 29, 2014

Remember that company that I have been well having a grand ol' time trying to get employed despite many attempts? Yeah, well the recruiter I had been conversing with, finally made another interview for a paid internship happen. As of right now, I have an interview tomorrow. Considering, this is really the industry I should be in with my experience, and quest to stay included. Many people who follow my Facebook status' lately might be wondering what this new career/hobby destined to be a legal way of making extra money possible turns out to be. It is the game of Texas Hold 'Em poker. Yes, a form of gambling. To be honest, I played this game a lot while in college, and became pretty good at it. After a recent urge to get back in the game after an hiatus, I decided that I should start playing at a couple of local casinos as well as join a league or two. It's a game of strategy more than luck. Yes, I still work as a Barista at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. It's good to explore your options. As you can tell, I can't seem to figure out what "one" thing I should be doing, so I will do multiple to avoid getting bored. I have accumulated some debt, that I would rather pay off soon not later.

If At First You Don't Succeed...Originally posted October 24, 2014

Life has it's way of coming full circle. About a month before I was "let go" from my job in June, a co-worker left to pursue an opportunity at a like minded company. At the time, I didn't think anything of it, but when job positions were presented to me in my search for employment, it became very ironic that this company was in my radar again. Previous posts here as well as on LinkedIn have been an outlet through writing about my endeavor to find the correct employment. As mentioned before, I went through a series of interviews, the final interview didn't happen. Then weeks later, an internship position became available, only to be nixed right before the interview. This is all with the same company. Recently been in contact with various staffing agencies via recruiters. Yeah, connecting my resume, and employment desire is proving to be harder than it really should be with the job market getting better by the day. Thus, after contemplation, career personality tests, and lack of patience, I sought out to build my own business. This is after being approached for my expertise in social media marketing in the past 3 years from various people/companies. This week after a series of emails, I finally made a drawn out proposal to a prospective client who originally approached me. Yeah, then like a knife through the heart came rejection through a vague explanation of why they decided they didn't need my services.  This is not my first time dealing with rejection in my lifetime, and I do not expect it to be the last, however, I need to figure out how to get my life back on track.   This brings me to if at first you don't succeed, you re-evaluate then figure out a new plan.

Witnessing Another NKOTB Historic Event Originally posted October 15, 2014

Let's just face it, 2014 has been a great year for this BlockHead. The cruise, NKOTB AfterDark in Vegas, and this just this past week-end in Hollywood has made this year all the more special. I can't even be more thankful for the opportunities, my great BlockHead friends, and the relationship between Donnie Wahlberg, and the rest of the guys. If you are in this wonderful community of partying, drama, bewilderment, and overall fight against the naysayers, you are constantly being entertained. For years, well sense the "rumors" of the nomination for NKOTB to get their Star on The Walk of Fame, I knew I had to make the trip to see the ceremony live. Think at this point, I have come to the conclusion that New Kids on The Block and the people I have met since 2008 have saved my life many a time. There are plenty of other bad, illegal, and ridiculous hobbies I could be doing, but instead I travel, meet people, and enjoy music. So to my family, and non-BH friends, these adventures will continue.  Granted, I understand your concerns financially, and via safety, but the bond among Blockheads has turned out not to be that scary.  I want you to watch the ceremony, because Arsenio Hall says it all...   I really can't thank Melissa Buja (Star Sponsor) for the surprise I received upon being picked up at the airport.  The news that we would be included on the VIP list for the ceremony blew my mind! Oh, and remember that drama I mentioned before? Well, jealousy, and temper tantrums concerning our opportunity to witness another NKOTB historic event in style shouldn't have happened. Yet, it was squashed, and we will all live. Also, I think my Instagram Account tells the story a little better.

Unmarried Woman without Children is IN! Originally posted October 3, 2014

United States society (well, it does extend to other countries too) does dictate that a woman must get married or have kids or both to be accepted. C'Mon, you know this has been ingrained in our culture well for the existence of this country.  Pop Culture does a great job ensuring that the hopeless romantics, and esteem in all of us gets severely tested. Keep in mind, I am not trying to bash marriage, but it's time for the world to be open to those of us don't plan on getting married, and don't feel having children defines us as women. For years, when people have asked me my reasoning for not wanted to get married nor have kids, I explain that the marriage inequality that same-sex couples have endured was unfair. Now that the country and world are finally coming around to the idea that two people of the same-sex getting married isn't a work of the "devil", I am proud to be a human again. The cycles of inequality via ignorance really is pathetic, but I digress.
 While in college, I did some research for a paper on divorce in America. Lots of studies have been done, and if you would simply just do a Google search, you will find a lot of information at your fingertips.  Without becoming a Professor with an editorial on Divorce, let's just face the fact that the divorce rates in general are increasing at alarming rates. Why could that be? Well, people settle for who they think they should be with, mis-communication, and the biological need for sex. In our society, religion states that acceptance comes from being pure until marriage. Shouldn't it be a good thing that an unmarried woman with a strong sense of self can lead an successful as well as prosperous life? We aren't lazy, nor do we not believe in love and happiness.
There are plenty of people who have admitted or should admit that they shouldn't have had children in a certain point of their life.  Bringing a new life into this world of chaos is a big time commitment, and so many seemed to have been shamed into such situations. Many people may take this blog post as a bash to marriage and children, but that's just it, it is the furthest from it. Women who have figured out that marriage and children is not for us, nor would it be good for the others involved, then that takes some serious human maturity to get to that point.  So the next time you judge an unmarried woman without children, think of your own life choices.

The Waiting Game Originally posted September 22, 2014

Last time you visited this blog, you read how patience and perseverance can be tested. Well, considering the recent week put in at the job I currently have, I found out that it isn't what they picture it in training. There has been a lot of lying, smoke screens, and mis-communication that has just been disappointing. Now, I sit here, playing the waiting game for the second interview for job that is right up my alley.  The better salary is just the bonus, I am just after building a career around what I enjoy doing for others. I am sick of getting bored with jobs, and dreading getting up in the morning.  Luckily, this continues on the patience virtue I struggle with daily. I have a hard time being without control, and waiting for others to make a decision to interview or offer me the job. This could be why I have become an entrepreneur over the years due to my lack of employment. I need outlets to share my passion, and alleviate stress, otherwise I have a hard time coping with life.  That constant learning about myself is great for growth as an human being. However, I can't help but wonder if I should become a contractor in social media or digital marketing as apposed to playing the waiting game for a salaried position to work out?

Patience or Perseverance? Originally posted September 13, 2014

To update you on the career focus, which to be honest, I really think I have been going through a career life crisis. Just like I don't condone settling in finding your mate, I really don't advise settling in finding a job. Due to my reckless financial decisions in the past, my goal to not be broke seemed to outweigh my need to want to go to work everyday. Considering how driven I was in high school and college, which then turned into added stress to somebody with high anxiety. I have done many different jobs in order to pay my bills, but instead while having those jobs, I was more focused on feeding my happiness through spending. Thus it created a vicious cycle of debt that due to my awesome folks, I now owe them. So, yes, I may not owe bill collectors, but there's still the stress with owing family members. However, finding a job to pay the bills while still searching has recently to turn out well. Once employed at Progrexion Marketing (call center to help people repair their credit), I was able to begin a new consultant adventure with Arbonne International. Yet, I would still need to subsidize my income as these aren't guaranteed to pay all of my bills. In turn, I received a great offer for my neighborhood The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (one I frequent for beverages). Conditionally, that saying, "Everything happens for a reason," has suddenly graced me with its presence. Daily email alerts for jobs available still appealed to me, thus I still applied to jobs that I felt I would enjoy more.  While in training at Progrexion, I began to receive the offers mentioned above as well as others that I had applied for before settling for those paychecks. So as this past week of work happened, I realized that I am already over this job due to settling. I applied for more, and to my surprised got responses. Looking forward to an interview I have on Monday, then deciding to keep one I have already committed to after a snafu with HR paperwork. Beginning to like this perseverance thing that may breed patience.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Originally posted August 24, 2014

How about the sensation that has become the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Yes, it has seemed to bring awareness to Lou Gerig's Disease, but has it gotten out of hand? Yes, it has been fun to watch everybody's videos, and see so much money raised for a GREAT cause! Here are a few of my favorite videos... Benedict Cumberbatch

Why Do Us Blockheads Get So Much Sh*t? Originally posted August 8, 2014

This question has a been building well since I was 3, but for the past six years since New Kids on the Block reunited.  Yes, we are different breed of fan for a band that has so much musical history. Yes, there are a ton of other artists we could get into; in fact most of us follow other bands and artists as well. Yes, us self proclaimed "Blockheads" are a wild and crazy bunch to an extent. We network via social media, we get together to talk about the fun times and plan for the next fun times, and we raise money for various causes. We are C-R-A-Z-Y in a very good way. Don't get me wrong, there are a few in the bunch that are a bad egg of bat shit crazy antics such as stalking, drama, back stabbing, etc. In reality every fan base has it's share of drama and bullshit. As a BH, I have had some of the best times of my life in the past six years. Yes, it has cost me money for concert tickets, travel, and time, but it's all worth it for the friends I have gained along the way. The set list rarely changes, but the memories are always new when NKOTB and BHs get together. It's about enjoying life! Now, why do us Blockheads get so much shit? Yes, many outside of this fandom tend to make comments, ask questions, and overall disapprove of how we are choosing to spend our money. Now judging from the overall positive, legal, and fun we are having as a group of people who share a common hobby, why such opinions? Most people in this world have a hobby or do something to have fun. The best way to address this is to either join us for a concert/event or let us be. You do your thing, and we BHs will do ours.

Trending Topics with BB (#PublicityOverKill) Originally posted July 30, 2014

As much as pop culture is in the public eye, it seems that the media has been forcing headlines, articles, and opinions on us in an increasing way lately. I want the Publicity Over Kill to stop!

The Jon & Donnie Chronicles NKOTB Fan Fiction NSFW & NSFC

Once upon a time, there was this extremely popular band that made the women and gay men go wild. Yes, they performed all of the world, were once revered as number 1 on the Forbes list, then they broke up for 15 years. Jonathan Knight and Donnie Wahlberg were not the best of friends in this time apart, so when the opportunity to reunite as a band presented itself, both were skeptical about what would happen. Jon had sense come to terms with his personal anxiety, and reality that he is a gay man. Donnie had matured outside of the band, and became a loving friend regardless of the person Jon had become. In fact, despite the claims from Donnie that he was a straight male, he had developed quite the crush on dear old Jon. When there were performances or events for their loving fans, they seemed to gaze upon each other yearning to be lovers. This became evident as Donnie took more and more opportunities to kiss or hug Jon in public. Jon returning the favor, and perhaps the same feelings. One day, Jon and Donnie decided to get together to catch up as friends and band mates. They had agreed to meet at Jon's New York City apartment. The evening began normal with conversation, ordering food for dinner, watching TV, but all of a sudden their lingering feelings grabbed a hold of them both.  They both leaned in for a passionate kiss, but instead of a peck, this turned into the hottest make out session that had ever been experienced by either of them.   The Jon & Donnie Chronicles will continue...

 Jon and Donnie had been making out for quite some time now. It was obvious that the mutual respect they had for each other had turned into an intense passion. Instead of finding romanticism in the bedroom, their passion took a violent, yet sensual turn. Jon pushed Donnie down hard on the couch. It was clear that even though Donnie initiated their relationship, Jon wanted to be the dominant one. They each began to take their clothes off knowing how things were progressing. Jon took the initiative to flip Donnie over to his stomach. Jon then penetrated Donnie, thrusting hard enough to keep the passion going. To Donnie's surprise, he was enjoying each thrust, and the dominance Jon was possessing. Alas, their romp had to stop as both Jon and Donnie were growing tired from this affair. Their bodies were beginning to drip sweat as if they both had just completed a performance. They each took a moment to collect themselves, and recover on the couch. Neither knew how to begin to make the silence stop. Finally, Jon said, "I hope that was as good for you as it was for me?" With a chuckle and smirk from Donnie, "It was, and what took you so long?"  Using a bit of humor to defuse the situation seemed to become the dynamic between them. How was that for the chronicles part 2?  The Jon & Donnie Chronicles will continue...

 A few days has passed since Donnie and Jon finally let their "feelings" known.  Despite their passion, Donnie still claimed he was straight man, who was going through an experimental phase. Jon began to wonder why this had become an issue. They met up to chat about what had happened between them. Jon asked Donnie, "Why does the semantics and details of our relationship have to be anybody else's business?"  Donnie responded, "It doesn't, but what seemed like an innocent Bromance has turned into something intense." Their public displays of affection for one another was marveled and welcomed by their fans, friends, and family regularly. This seems to provide a struggle between them, but nonetheless, their feelings still remain. Despite certain reservations, Donnie and Jon didn't want whatever this had become to end. Jon and Donnie began to schedule times to meet to just hangout with one another. One night they decide to watch footage of them performing in concert, as well as look at photos taken of them over the years. After a few drinks, they began to come physically closer on that old familiar couch. The alcohol began to make the room temperature hotter. Donnie began to take articles of clothing off in a flirtatious way. Jon began to get turned on, and decided to take his clothes off as well. This time Donnie wanted more room, and Jon obliged. Donnie moaned, "Let's take it to the bedroom." Without hesitating, Jon grabbed on to Donnie's left arm and dragged him to the bedroom. Jon dominantly pushed Donnie down on the bed, which began to turn on Donnie more. By now both of them had grown hard. Jon reached into one of his night stand drawers to pull out a condom. After putting the condom on his now very erect cock, he began to crawl up the bed towards Donnie. Jon caressed both of Donnie arms from the shoulders to his hands. Donnie then leaned in to kiss Jon as passionately as they had before. In between kissing sections, Donnie took the time to nibble Jon's ears. This turned Jon on more, and his sexual beast started to arise. Jon grabbed Donnie's arms, then flipped him over on his stomach.  Before Donnie could even take a breath, Jon had penetrated Donnie hard. They knew they were in for a wild night of passion. Did chronicles part 3 deliver?  The Jon & Donnie Chronicles will continue...

 The indescribable feeling of passion, respect, and understanding both Jon and Donnie possess when together was just that...indescribable. Yes, they had entered a more romantic relationship, but it was clear they wanted to preserve their friendship. However, despite all of that, neither one of them knew where to go from there. Despite the time they had been spending together, they both wanted to maintain their normal lives of work projects, hobbies, and family time. It's good to spend time apart to balance life out. Just like the bond of any two people, they valued having each other's backs. It was a Friday night, and Donnie had just finished production on one of his TV series. Jon had just wrapped up a meeting with business partner concerning flipping a house. You know when they aren't busy being New Kids on the Block, they enjoy their other stuff pretty well. This time instead of Jon's apartment, Donnie invited Jon over. Donnie had planned to have Jon's favorite meal from his favorite restaurant ready.  Jon was caught off guard by the detail Donnie had thrown into this night. Donnie had been enjoying Jon's dominance while together, but felt he needed to return the favor.  Donnie figured he would his seduction skills to get Jon going. After dinner, they felt like talking about life, the years they spent together, and the years they were apart. The depth they reached during this conversation somehow to turn both them on. Donnie and Jon both got closer, went in for a simple hug, then Jon cutely kissed Donnie. With a smirk, Donnie said, "Thank you for that."  Donnie began to take Jon's clothes off while maintaining a soft caress all over his body. Jon was getting anxious as the seconds passed by, and started to frantically take Donnie's clothes off. One thing was certain, they enjoyed kissing each other. Donnie was great a nibbling on Jon's bottom lip, which in between breaths made Jon moan. Who is in control of the chronicles Part 4 now? 

Trending Topics with BB #7 Originally posted July 18, 2014

Hashim Warren, Toya Black, & Korinne M. Jackman join me to talk about the Malaysian Airlines tragadies, Robin Thicke's latest album failure,  & the state of the music and movie industry. To keep these episodes of Trending Topics with BB going, please become a Patron:

A NKOTB Story Fan Fiction NSFW & NSFC

Trying my hand at writing some fan fiction for other fans to enjoy! 

  Preface: In the elicit world of NKOTB and their fans (Blockheads), their bond has become one for the ages. Let us explore a NKOTB story, shall we? It was bright, warm, and sunny morning. Regina was planning out her day as a single successful woman. Regina was the CEO of her own company, resided in New York City, had the love of a great Black Lab named Spot, but she longed for more. What is this more? Well, Regina is a huge NKOTB fan, where she has made many memories with the members as well as friends. Yet, these memories came in the form of events and concerts over the years. There seemed to be a connection with Donnie that had developed over the years. Regina could seem to put her finger on it as she has a realist view on the potential relationship, but nonetheless, those feelings were there. In fact, when Regina would think of the possibilities, her loins would erupt, and thus making her yearn for more. One day, Regina decided to find out where Donnie was filming his hit TV show for the day. Hell, by now it was known the man loved set visits, and invited people to chill with him on his trailer. It turned out to be her lucky day. Donnie spotted Regina from across the street in between takes. Donnie looked at her with this "come hither" look, and of course Regina couldn't resist the temptation. The crew was beginning to pack up for the day, and Regina just had this gut feeling to follow her heart.  She hadn't had the touch of a man in over a year, and well, who knows? Donnie and Regina innocently began catching up via conversation. The reminissing about former NKOTB events, and love BHs share with NKOTB always seemed to spark between them. Donnie leaned over to Regina on the couch and whispered, "How about you take off your blouse? In fact, I will take mine off as well too." They both began to disrobe, and Donnie inched closer to continue to whisper sweet nothings in her ear. Regina's legs began to become jello at the realization that Donnie Wahlberg was finally making a move on her. Regina's thoughts quickly went from the most innocent to the naughtiest. Regina and Donnie both leaned in to the kiss that was inevitable. The feelings of potential had been building for quite some time now. The kiss grew and grew to be the most passionate kissing ever seen. More clothes began to come off all while their making out intensified.   A NKOTB Story will be continued...

  Trying my hand at writing some fan fiction for other fans to enjoy!  The passion that Donnie and Regina were experiencing as the clothes were being torn off was unlike any each had ever experienced. This make out session continued for close to 10 minutes with each taking minute seconds to breathe. Finally, the session stopped with Regina pulling away from Donnie. Donnie then had this face of bewilderment, then said "What is wrong? I thought that this is what you wanted?" Regina responded with a bit of shock in her voice, "I do, but I just think this all escalated quickly." Donnie found himself silent after the passion they had just experienced together. Regina broke the silence by saying, "I had always hoped something would develop between us from all of our encounters, but did not know you wanted this to happen as well."  Donnie responded, "I saw the gaze you gave me while were talking, and realized that I wanted to act on these feelings, whatever they are."  Regina was reverting back to her modesty mixed with realism that had been her Achilles heal in her love life. Both Regina and Donnie agreed to call it an early night, but not without making plans to have dinner the next day. The courtship that has been seen to not exist was agreed upon. Regina wanted to make sure Donnie was being as truthful about their possible love affair. The next day arrives, Regina takes Spot to Central Park (as she lives close by) for some exercise and to enjoy the nice weather of the day.  Regina and Spot enjoy majority of the day at the park, while Donnie finishes running lines with cast-mates, and shooting scenes that had been rewritten for the show. Regina returns to her apartment to take a shower, and get ready for the impending dinner date she had agreed upon with Donnie. Regina turns on her shower faucet to warm up, takes off her clothes, then hears on knock on the door. She quickly wraps up in a towel wondering who could be at the door this early.  She opens her door to find Donnie standing there. Regina asks, "What are you doing here so early? You aren't supposed to pick me up for our "date" for another hour and a half." Donne responds with, "I couldn't wait any longer. You have been on my mind all day. I had to see, and be with you again!"  Donnie closes the door, picks up Regina for her to straddle him, and her towel falls to the floor exposing her sweaty and naked body. Donnie then becomes more aroused by her exposed body, and leans in to passionately kiss her like they had done before. They begin passionately making out all while making it towards the running water in the bathroom. Regina begins to frantically take Donnie's clothes off as things began to intensify. They take a breath to safely enter the shower to continue to rub their flesh up against each other. Donnie runs his hands through her hair as Regina starts rubbing her hands on any part of his body she could feel. The passionate step they would take next will take their relationship to the next level.   A NKOTB Story will continue...

 Regina & Donnie each took turns caressing each other while the shower continued. They couldn't keep their hands off each other at the point. Due to the passion currently happening, Regina felt the need to go down on Donnie. At this point, Regina was deep throating his penis, and judging from the moans of delight from Donnie, this was a good thing. Donnie responded by saying breathless, "You know I am going to return the favor." By now, Regina and Donnie had grown tired of the confined space of the shower. They silently agree to move to the bedroom to continue their rendezvous. As each moment passed by, their passion intensified. They couldn't stop kissing, gazing, and caressing each other. Neither one of them could figure out where this heat was coming from, but they were enjoying it. Then the moment presented itself. Donnie reminding Regina that he was to return the favor. Donnie rubbed her legs ever so gently while using his tongue to massage her clit. With each moan from Regina, Donnie went deeper and deeper. Regina's limbs started to be come loose like jello. Donne then took a breath, looked up at Regina, followed by a smirk. Donnie had Regina right where he wanted her, ready for the taking. After cleaning his mouth, he went straight to her mouth to kiss again. This time he was covered and ready to enter her deep. The moment was inevitable at this point. All of the encounters, their previous kissing, all of it to this moment, they both needed to go for it. Their passionate love making continue deep into the night, ending with cuddling and restless sleep. The next morning, both Donnie and Regina arose surprising relaxed and well rested. They begin talking about breakfast plans, types of coffee they prefer, but neither wanted to bring up what had happened between them. The fear that if they talked about their passionate night, it would be the end of it. Donnie cut the tension by saying, "I hope you don't think that this is a one time thing. I want to pursue and explore our feelings more."  Regina responded with a sigh, "That is good to hear, I don't want this to end either."     A NKOTB Story will continue...

 A week had passed sense Donnie and Regina's passionate and invigorating night of love making. Both of their life schedules had grabbed a hold of them, and they just couldn't find the time to spend time together.  That's when reality of life bites them in the ass even though...well never mind. ;-) It should go with out saying that they had each other's phone numbers. When apart their love affair continued via sex-ting.  Regina just seemed to take the route home from her job that lead her by the set where Donnie was working. Donnie had let her know that he had some downtime to kill, and wanted her to stop by his trailer to "hang out". They greeted each other just like normal old friends at first, but after gazing at each other, it was clear they had longed to be together once more. Donnie leaned into kiss Regina, and of course, Regina reciprocated. They began to passionately make out as they had done before. This time though, something was different. They refrained from taking their clothes off. Could this be a turning point in their "relationship"? Donnie pulled away first with a puzzled look on his face. Donnie then proceeded to ask, "What is wrong?" Regina responded, "Nothing, I just think we need to show some restraint."  Donnie chuckled, followed by saying, "Umm, we are way past restraint. I can't stop thinking about you." Regina responded in silence as well as a bewildered look, then finally responded, "I can't stop thinking about you either, but I just wonder where your feelings about me are coming from?" At this point, all they could do was just stare at each other. Donnie clearly wants to pursue their "relationship" more, and Regina was getting in her own way. Donnie's next move would end all questions all together. Part 4 has proven to be a bump in the road. A NKOTB Story will continue...

 Donnie had been a gentlemen in their encounters thus far, but his rush of feelings had suddenly gotten the best of him. Donnie moved closer to Regina, "Regina, please don't fear that this is just a fling. Every time I am with you, I am the happiest I have been in awhile."  Regina responded, "The same here, but I don't want what's happening to end."  Donnie retorted, "Let's live in the moment!" Donnie then took it upon himself to grab a hold of Regina, pull her close to his body, and sweetly kissed her forehead. At that instant, Regina's inhibitions about their "relationship" disappeared. They agreed to call it a night, but not before a long intense kiss and a hug goodbye. The next day, Regina called Donnie over to her apartment. Donnie eagerly obliged, and found himself like a giddy little boy. Nonetheless, when Regina opened the door to see him standing there, their passion was more evident than ever. Donnie was barely in the door before Regina jumped up, wrapped her legs around him, and gave him a passionate kiss. Donnie pulled back, grasped Regina's head, and began to kiss her neck ever so softly. Regina took this opportunity to caress his arms leading down to his pants where she began to unbutton them. Donnie became aroused by her touch, and started to become more aggressive. By now they were at the edge of Regina's bed, and Donnie threw her down forcefully. Regina knew that this time, Donnie meant some business. Regina was his for the taking, she wanted to live in the moment. Donnie proceeded to take off Regina's blouse, bra, and panties while Regina tried to finish taking off his pants, and boxer-briefs. Donnie straddled Regina with his knees pinning her down, but not too forcefully. Regina was the type of gal who was in charge, but for some reason was more aroused about this no questions asked dominance Donnie was displaying. While caressing Regina's legs, Donnie began to kiss her gently from her neck to her happy place. After each faint moan from Regina, Donnie got a smirk on his face. Donnie took his right hand and entered that happy place, finding the spot that would set Regina off. The more Donnie began to dig in, the louder the moans from Regina rang. Donnie was getting harder and harder as the sight of pleasing Regina. Regina was wet, and it was clear Donnie knew what he was doing. Just as it seemed Regina was on the verge of an orgasm, Donnie withdrew his hand.  Regina took this time to regain her breath and self for a moment. Regina wanted to return the favor, but before she could get her thoughts together, Donnie's hand was in her happy place again. Regina's limbs became limp, and Donnie knew he was on the verge. Donnie quickly replaced his hand with his hard cock. The thrusts were welcomed by Regina as her hips moved in unison like a choreographed dance.

NKOTB After Dark A.K.A #BlockVegas Originally posted July 15, 2014

First let me explain, that after the high of the cruise (feel free to read the post), I was beyond ready for Las Vegas and NKOTB.  I have gone to Vegas for NKOTB events every year except 2008.  It's my tradition, and by golly as the "ONLY NORTH AMERICAN DATES THIS YEAR", I was going to make it happen. Then there was a snag in life by the lay off of my job. Yeah, that was a shitty time to release me of my duties, but it was necessary.  Oh, and I have family that just love to give me shit, and make my life difficult. So leading up to Thursday July 10th, I was a fucking mess. Due to trying to please family, I decided to cancel my flights to and from Las Vegas. However, taking the road trip with two other fellow Arizona Blockheads was well worth it. Nothing like rocking out to NKOTB, sharing stories, and making predictions for the weekend. Can't thank Tami enough for driving this weekend, and for Shannon being the co-pilot! ;-) (Check out my Instagram feed for pictures of the decorated Yukon.) A lot of planning for fun for the girls I was staying with that I met in my first VIP last year during "The Package Tour", as well as those from the cruise, and previous trips to Vegas added to the anticipation. So when we rolled up to the Planet Hollywood Valet, and saw the marquees, this shit got real. The loop on screens in the lobby, and casino added to it.  I agree with the reviews of the concert that have already been published. Oh, I can't forget the elevators. By the way, #NKOTBElevatorGate will pass as they were caught red-handed. . However, I digress on that immaturity. You know you fucked up. Back to the festivities at hand. I planned on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday show as well as the Thursday after party only. I know me, and I knew I would be fine finding further opportunities as the weekend progressed. Well, let me tell you about the Thursday after party. It all came together, Jessica and I were able to secure a great spot in the club by leaving the concert a tad early. Clearly, not our first rodeo. This allowed for us to establish some space for the rest of our group to join us as they arrived from the concert or VIP party of the after party. Well, with the guys using the extension of the booth as a stage, we lucked out big time. Donnie recognized me, and most of my girls. When "The Wobble" came on, Donnie grabbed me by the hand to lead in the dance. To my dismay, I did not expect Joey, Danny, Jordan, and other girls to join me like they did. Following the dance fest, Donnie and Jenny took the time to take selfies with as many people as they could. Very nice of them to do together. Leaving opinions of their union out of this. It's all about happiness. If you are new or haven't experienced an after party, I must share there's a VIP area for the band, friends, and family. Seems to be getting filled faster making it look uncomfortable, but what do you expect? Partying with BHs and NKOTB is unlike any other experience. The energy carried over from the concert is just indescribable, which also translates to the bond we share. Shout out to Joey McIntyre for the toast to all of us! Oh, and I was not expected to be pulled aside by Donnie for a mini conversation about our 1-on-1 relationship. As you can tell, I am opting to leave out every detail, due to the length this can end up being (we can chat sometime). I do however, want to address how awesome it was to see everybody hugging each other when meeting up again or for the first time. Despite the drama by some in this fan base, not every BH can be classified as a BSC. This is music to my ears, as we are all ADULTS. As mentioned above, and previous blogs, this is supposed to be an escape from the bullshit. Another highlight of this weekend was watching those who haven't seen a NKOTB show since the first time they were together. Meeting a girl who was there at the show Donnie fell through the trapped door, or hearing about an older couple who came as Donnie fans on "Blue Bloods" & "Wahlburgers" to have so much fun at the concert added to this experience. Really hope NKOTB After Dark will spark a Las Vegas residency. I really could used to that fun on an regular basis, just like the cruise has turned out to be. Feel free to share your NKOTB After Dark memories in the comments or if we are connected via Social Media, let's chat!

Trending Topics with BB #6 Originally posted July 2, 2014

More articles and my previous experience with the company has lead me to to believe that Chipotle Mexican Grill is a lie. Not really as healthy as you think. An announcement at Google I/O about authorship photos/avatars being removed from search results has stirred the pot in the internet marketing industry. These are just some of the trending topics bothering me. ;-)

Not Knowing What to Do Originally posted June 27, 2014

If you read that previous post, I was eager to start my own business as a freelance marketing and social media consultant. The constant encouragement from friends, former co-workers, and others have pointed me in that direction. Taking pride in my entrepreneurial prowess, I went at it full speed for about a week. Yeah, that's the problem. My motivation to start my own business has come from the frustrations I continue to have finding the job where I am truly happy. With my constant ADD/OCD tendencies, I get burnt out quickly with things over time if there aren't any positive changes or motivations with them. My brain rarely stops thinking about the possibilities, music, sports, pop culture references, and life in general. Just like most adults in this country, I have debt that I have been trying to pay back over the course of the past couple years of employment. I was on a roll too, then getting "let go" from my job stopped that. Relocating for a job will just cause me more stress as I really don't have the money to break my lease nor actually move. So despite there being jobs in other cities and states, I am fine with where I live. I am finding myself seeking out travel and events than ever before. The euphoria I experience at concerts as well as traveling has grown tenfold. I thought I knew what I wanted to do, but I am in a state of not knowing what do do. Perhaps the suggestions to become a flight attendant or work on a cruise ship isn't as far from what I want/suppose to do for a career. The problem with my concert "habit" is that those I owe debt to, see my spending money on this as spending their money. Believe you me, I understand where they are coming from, but timing is a bitch. When you have the opportunity to experience something, why not go for it. Anyway, I have been continuing to apply for jobs. Researching the possibilities of establishing my own business, and trying to get out of this mindset of not knowing what to do.

A Career Change? Originally posted June 20, 2014

About a week ago, I was let go from my job as a link builder for an agency. Funny thing is that I saw it coming weeks before, as my main boss pulled me aside for lunch one day saying I had a few weeks to tote the line. Eh, considering this internet marketing industry changes daily, I had grown to be burnt out with the way things were done within the department. It was increasingly clear as I applied for the open position in the content marketing department during this time as well. Little did I know, I wasn't the only one vying for this position, and couldn't be happier for the person who got the job. So when there was weird emails or instant messages from my main boss about a meeting first thing in the morning, I knew what was coming. I had been looking for other jobs, but due to timing of everything, I hadn't landed a job yet. Needless to say, I have been applying for open positions in my industry for different companies and organizations for the past week. However, I am not sure this the route I should go. I am already an entrepreneur from the websites I have built and continue to run. I have been employed to link build for colleagues side projects, and have been sought out for my knowledge of social media before. The reason I hadn't pursued such a career before was that I needed experience in the industry first, and perhaps develop my brand as me more. Thinking this means it's time for a career change in the sense that I launch my own business as a freelance marketer and social media consultant. I enjoy creating content for sports and music lovers alike. I seem to have created great and engaging social media followings through my profiles, pages, and accounts. So, I guess the next step is to seek out clients, and to get started with sharing my knowledge. Some may say that this sort of thing is saturated, but I have been able to build a brand around my passions and knowledge.

NKOTB Cruise 2014 Originally posted June 10, 2014

This cruise was a long time coming. I had only tried to get on this cruise 3 times before. So the 4th time just had to be the charm. I say this with humility and gratefulness. As a fan of NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) for basically my entire life, I have evolved as a person as well. Much of this has been explained in past posts, that can be found on this website. Vacation started with a road trip after red eye flight to New York City to see my other favorite band Dave Matthews Band in concert in Saratoga Springs, NY. That was a great time to reflect, jam out in the car, and see a concert I have been wanting to see for YEARS. The next day my cruise roommate Liberty arrived in NYC. We then spent the next 4 days exploring NYC only first timers could, by seeing every attraction we could fit in our schedule. We even went to GMA (Good Morning America) the morning of embarking on the cruise to see Midnight Red perform, to be surprised that Channing Tatum, and Boston Celtics' Rajon Rondo were there. All of which I am a fan, and pretty sure my roommate realized the talent of Midnight Red as I did while they opened for The Wanted on tour recently. Should mention that the morning of the cruise was rainy, for which us in the NKOTB world joke always happens since their reunion. Many significant events or concerts seem to have rain associated with them. The time for me to experience NKOTB Cruise 2014 was finally here! No more planning, no more exploration of NYC, and according to the annual cruise oath from Donnie Wahlberg, no more worries, fears and stress. These 4 days were for enjoying life, and that was exactly what my motto ordered. Yes, there was an itinerary of events to attend, but did I memorize them? No, I just showed up. BEST thing to do on this cruise. You should know not stressing about things going as planned is really not my style. I have OCD tendencies, but vowed to myself I needed an escape. Well escape I did. The events were great from the NKOTB Feud Game Show... #EmpireCondoms for #DaddysSpecialTreat. I love inside jokes. The concert didn't disappoint among other events such as screenings. I was just there to PARTY, and well as evident by losing my voice by the second day, it was a BLAST. In fact, days later as I write this, I am still without a voice. I met so many people I now call friends, reunited with friends I met from events of the past 6 years. In case you didn't know, I love club/dance party atmospheres. I thrive in them from my love of music and dance. Thus, the parties with NKOTB every night were right up my alley. It has been said many times before, but Donnie Wahlberg can really rock a party! The rest of NKOTB lend their hand in the fun as well. You can watch YouTube videos, see pictures, but to experience it, is an entire different animal. This was great for my NO EXPECTATIONS (encounters with the band, special treatment, etc.) attitude. The point was not to rely on what I have heard other explain for their experiences on past cruises. I wanted to soak it ALL in, and well I did as mentioned before. It was great to see that I didn't get seasick as well as paced myself with alcohol consumption. Many didn't do this the first night, and suffered the following day. I really hope all of you are feeling better! Apparently, my sea legs aren't that severe, thus not really swaying on land. Enough of the formalities. One of the important/included events of the cruise was the photo op with the band. For those who are new, that's when you gather a group of your 9 fellow Blockheads to stand with the member of NKOTB of their choice for a group photo. Basically a mini meet & greet. Funny enough, gathering a group together can become a stressful thing for Blockheads. However, despite word of joining a group just days before the cruise as our other group fell apart weeks ago, it came together really well. Everybody involved was happy with their spot, and while in line, we got to chat as Blockheads do. We all "clicked" really well, as dinner plans and party plans were made. ;-) Finally as it was our turn to take this infamous cruise photo, it really went smoothly. Getting a hug from every member is essential to the experience. As I approached Donnie Wahlberg & before I could say anything, to my surprise Donnie said "I'll be looking for you tonight." I responded with "Sweet, I will be in red clothes." It was GPS theme night (represent where you are from). Yep, you guessed it, red Arizona Wildcats attire. Just had to represent my Alma Mater. ;-)  Back to the bewilderment of Donnie Wahlberg recognizing me. Holy crap! Did NOT expect that at all. Later on in the day after a moving wedding ceremony, Donnie made his way through the crowd to continue to fulfill his promise of a selfie with everybody on the cruise. Luckily enough, the man made it to my general area, spotted me, and demanded he take a selfie with me.     As you can tell, Mr. Wahlberg didn't like the first one, and demanded another one with better light. Next, what happens at about 4 in the morning on the last night/party of the cruise? Why, a Danny Wood selfie! Again, didn't expect it, but opportunity arose. Capped off a great cruise. Every fan (Blockhead) of New Kids on the Block should experience the cruise at least once! Yep, NKOTB Cruise 2014 hooked me, and well thinking I want to go again next year! In the meantime, I think I will go to Vegas for NKOTB After Dark in July to celebrate their 30 years in the business.

  Most of my photos from NYC and the cruise can be found on my Facebook or check my Twitter/Instagram timelines! 

Why It's Time to Move On Originally Posted May 23, 2014

Yeah, my brain never shuts off. I have just accepted it. For those who have known me for awhile, know that I am a huge New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) fan.  In self fan proclaimed words, a Blockhead. To get you up to speed, they reunited as a band in 2008, which reignited the spark for so many of us who experience them in the late 1980s, early 1990s.  For me, I was exposed to them through a babysitter who was a fan back then. They broke up as a band in 1994, and left us to grow up and live our lives. Thus, the nostalgia of the reunion aligned well for everybody involved 15 years later. In 2008, I was not in a good head space as well as stressed out with the life of a college student. Thus, I needed a distraction. I will admit, it became a bit of an obsession to get me away of the negativity and stress surrounding me on a daily basis. This is also back when I didn't know I suffer from severe Anxiety and OCD/ADD tendencies. Fast forward to present day, it's 6 years into this "reunion", and to be honest the excitement has worn off. Don't get me wrong, I have met/acquired some great friends through this common bond. NKOTB has provided us with valuable concerts, events, and experiences. One that I will be embarking on in the coming weeks in fact. However, it's really time to move on. Yes, these are the words that used to piss me off I used to get from family and friends so misunderstanding of me being a fan. The money spent on these experiences by the countless fans new and old over that past six years, has contributed to the disconnect a band can have with fans. Music isn't a priority in NKOTB eyes, like it used to be, but rather how much to charge for VIP and concerts with the same set lists. The interaction on Twitter and other social media, has become different in my eyes. The "family" we have been labeled as from the band members is in reality just not reality. I have been screwed over by other "BHs", and seen the same to friends. There is countless other drama had by these "adults", and yet despite claims of not liking the behavior, it has continued. When you realize that your priorities to stay a fan have changed, or you have other interests, you realize it's time to move on.  The passion isn't there anymore, which makes it hard to justify remaining the same.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Trending Topics with BB-Random Originally posted May 15, 2014

Shout out to Google for the issues with Google+ Hangouts On-Air. (sarcasm) George Clooney is engaged, KimYe is Cray Cray, and more random!

Passion or Obsession? Originally posted May 13, 2014

Over the years, I have written about this comparison in many different forms. The fine line between passion or obsession seems to be tested daily. For instance, many have said I was obsessed with various bands, artists, musicians over the years. Looking back at my head space at the time, I really can't deny their claims. You can become consumed by a passion till it becomes an obsession. Why do we do this to ourselves? Passion or obsession? To me, they are mutually exclusive. The connotation on each term is different from experiences with society.  Obsession tends to be negative in nature, signaling there's something wrong. Passion tends to be more positive in nature, and signals a more consuming emotional connection. The growth as a person I have experienced over the years, has taught me that you are going to spend your entire life defining who you are. No matter the people in your life, you will have to keep comparing passion or obsession. A person's environment shapes this comparison as these passions or obsessions become escapes from the stresses of life. Now if you have seen me share this before, does Coldplay's "Fix You" make more sense as a my life theme song?

Social TV Originally posted April 23, 2014

If you have any presence of knowledge of any social media networks, you probably have noticed the increasing "social TV" participation. Many reality TV shows have changed their process of voting to reflect the popularity of website such as Twitter or Facebook. It isn't about calling in your vote for your favorite dancer, singer, or performer anymore. As previously discussed in a former post, social media has allowed celebrities and fans to connect through an equal form of communication.  Many networks have seen their engagement go up by use of Hashtags, and are now requiring their "stars" to do live Tweet sessions when shows air. More specifically this week with the Tweet-Along Hashtag, for example #gleealong. More than ever, people demand to know the behind the scenes right along with watching. The DVD commentary has moved from recorded to real time with social TV.