Sunday, October 4, 2015

Patience or Perseverance? Originally posted September 13, 2014

To update you on the career focus, which to be honest, I really think I have been going through a career life crisis. Just like I don't condone settling in finding your mate, I really don't advise settling in finding a job. Due to my reckless financial decisions in the past, my goal to not be broke seemed to outweigh my need to want to go to work everyday. Considering how driven I was in high school and college, which then turned into added stress to somebody with high anxiety. I have done many different jobs in order to pay my bills, but instead while having those jobs, I was more focused on feeding my happiness through spending. Thus it created a vicious cycle of debt that due to my awesome folks, I now owe them. So, yes, I may not owe bill collectors, but there's still the stress with owing family members. However, finding a job to pay the bills while still searching has recently to turn out well. Once employed at Progrexion Marketing (call center to help people repair their credit), I was able to begin a new consultant adventure with Arbonne International. Yet, I would still need to subsidize my income as these aren't guaranteed to pay all of my bills. In turn, I received a great offer for my neighborhood The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (one I frequent for beverages). Conditionally, that saying, "Everything happens for a reason," has suddenly graced me with its presence. Daily email alerts for jobs available still appealed to me, thus I still applied to jobs that I felt I would enjoy more.  While in training at Progrexion, I began to receive the offers mentioned above as well as others that I had applied for before settling for those paychecks. So as this past week of work happened, I realized that I am already over this job due to settling. I applied for more, and to my surprised got responses. Looking forward to an interview I have on Monday, then deciding to keep one I have already committed to after a snafu with HR paperwork. Beginning to like this perseverance thing that may breed patience.

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