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Brook-isms Originally posted August 5, 2009

Decided to delete an old blog started almost 8 years ago. Instead of deleting all posts, I will post many that were needed at different points of my life. Enjoy!   

 Considering my last post was my life story...I thought it would be nice to share more of my psyche a bit! Keep in mind that I wrote this this past December while in extreme knee pain!!  

 Here it goes... Brook-isms   1. If you didn't already know this before, but I absolutely HATE drama. I believe that drama can be solved by MATURITY AND COMMUNICATION!   2. On that note, I continue to live life right now not being able to get along with my father. It saddens me, as I try hard to prove how much I respect him. I am convinced he will never approve of my lifestyle, opinions, or the way I carry myself until I actually get the job in the real world; and prove I can make money or be successful believing in LIFE the way I do. Hence, my passion to stay a DRIVEN person!   3. I continue to re-injure my left knee by participating in activites I am passionate about. I have been an active person since I could walk (which is around 3 years old)! Whether it is dance, sports, or marching band; I believe that an injury that I will have for the rest of my life should not hold you back from living life in a prosperous manner.   4. I am a strong believer in loyalty and happiness! Despite what I said above about money, I do not believe that money administers happiness. I believe that the life you lead and the relationships you experience mold you into the person you will be happy with in the long run. I have come to these conclusions, as I have never truly had what you a call a "best friend". Don't get me wrong, I have had and still have a lot of friends whom I appreciate and respect deeply. I just believe for relationships to be worthwhile for all parties, those individuals should work for and give respect and loyalty which eventually leads to happiness.   5. I am an extremely passionate person about music, sports, and world issues. With that being said, I do believe that my intense personality and passion does breed into obsession at times. I grew up in an hometown where hobbies of the legal kind where few are far between. At a very early age, I began building a strong interest in these hobbies to past the time. I knew I didn't want become part of the crowd using drugs, drinking underage, or having kids before they were out of high school as hobbies! Let's face it American society has not made avoiding pop culture hard for me to do! I apologize if my passion for my hobbies has bread any kind of arrogance. I just have a hard time expressing my passion for my hobbies, as they may seem not as important as other things.   6. Continuing on the pop culture topic... I believe that consumers like me have made 'the celebrity' fall into a rut of keeping actors, actresses, athletes, and the like above other people. I think it is wrong for "celebrities" to forget that they are people as well, and wrong of those people to disprespect the very people who are contributing to the millions of dollars found within their pockets. I guess I learned this first hand, as a band I respected for introducing me to my love for music at a very young age did not conduct themselves in the respectful manner they claimed.   7. I BELIEVE IN COMMUNITY SERVICE OR GIVING BACK! I reminded or force myself to be reminded that there are millions of people in the world that are less fortunate than me. Again, I didn't really have many opportunities to give back growing up that I have had in college to date. I am a strong supporter of organizations that can put a smile on a face that has not probably had a smile on their face for a while. I feel that many facets of culture can achieve this, whether it is music, food, shelter, or just spending time it is extremely important for people to think about their fellow man (woman) no matter their ethnicity, sexuality, economic means, personality, or beliefs. THINK OF THE OLD (corny, but true) ADAGE, "CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?"   8. My biggest pet peeve is STARTING SOMETHING AND NOT FINISHING IT! Again, this goes along the lines of respect I have mentioned above. I believe if a person does not have enough respect to finish a task, then why start it in the first place? I am not saying it has to be finished on a deadline, I just love the sense of accomplishment you feel after you have completed it. Don't you???   9. My second biggest pet peeve is similar as it is BEING ALL TALK! To explain, I hate it when people say they will do something, not do it, then make excuses for why it wasn't accomplised. When I say I will do something, I do everything in my power to be successful in accomplishing it. If you know you will not or do not want to do the thing, then shouldn't you just say NO in the first place?? Honesty is the best policy!   10. I believe I am a failure under life's circumstances! I have had an issue with being successful on test taking throughout my entire tenure in academia. About a year ago, I found out that I have a working memory problem in my brain that has become a learning disability. I have worked my ass off for years trying to get the grades that people want to talk about, and believe I will never truly get the grades that reflect how hard I work. With that being said, will my GPA get me my dream job at ESPN or will my work ethic and opportunities for work experience get me my dream job? I believe my dream job is the job that shouldn't feel like a job, it should feel like a hobby. Why should people live their lives in agony and depression everyday?   To continue on this dark topic...I can not figure out if I have carried myself in respectful manner to garner an abundance of respect. What I mean is, I believe that my passion for life seems to alienate people from me as I have been told that "I am intimidating". I may not portray that I actually like people as a whole, but I do. I have always been career driven, so I have not focused on romantic relationships in great detail. However, as I am getting older (not sure who to trust) I would like to find that special man who can be the best friend I have never had. I guess you could say I believe in the soul mate belief, I think I have seen way too many chick flicks. Haha Anyways...I guess happiness, joy, loyalty, love, and respect are a must in my life.   Everyday I learn about life in unique ways. During this winter break, my boredom and excruciating knee pain have consumed me. My obsessions mentioned above have gotten me through the days, so with that being said I find the actor/musician Robert Downey Jr. to be an inspiration. At the age of 8 he began his struggle with the addiction of drugs and continued till 2004, 2005ish. His struggle with drugs proved to be a dark time in his life, which has been most of his life. In surrounding himself with the right movie roles, people, and music, he has convinced me that he is a life genius. He has found love and happiness in people and experiences that have allowed for the life he seems to value. In being IRON MAN and a black man in Tropic Thunder, Hollywood has hailed the year 2008 as his comeback year. I get where they are a coming from under the category of pop culture, but I have always been a fan and I am stoked he is finally starting to get the recognition he deserves. Of course, Robert Downey Jr. is one of many geniuses in the world, I just respect never giving up on life.

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