Sunday, October 4, 2015

Unmarried Woman without Children is IN! Originally posted October 3, 2014

United States society (well, it does extend to other countries too) does dictate that a woman must get married or have kids or both to be accepted. C'Mon, you know this has been ingrained in our culture well for the existence of this country.  Pop Culture does a great job ensuring that the hopeless romantics, and esteem in all of us gets severely tested. Keep in mind, I am not trying to bash marriage, but it's time for the world to be open to those of us don't plan on getting married, and don't feel having children defines us as women. For years, when people have asked me my reasoning for not wanted to get married nor have kids, I explain that the marriage inequality that same-sex couples have endured was unfair. Now that the country and world are finally coming around to the idea that two people of the same-sex getting married isn't a work of the "devil", I am proud to be a human again. The cycles of inequality via ignorance really is pathetic, but I digress.
 While in college, I did some research for a paper on divorce in America. Lots of studies have been done, and if you would simply just do a Google search, you will find a lot of information at your fingertips.  Without becoming a Professor with an editorial on Divorce, let's just face the fact that the divorce rates in general are increasing at alarming rates. Why could that be? Well, people settle for who they think they should be with, mis-communication, and the biological need for sex. In our society, religion states that acceptance comes from being pure until marriage. Shouldn't it be a good thing that an unmarried woman with a strong sense of self can lead an successful as well as prosperous life? We aren't lazy, nor do we not believe in love and happiness.
There are plenty of people who have admitted or should admit that they shouldn't have had children in a certain point of their life.  Bringing a new life into this world of chaos is a big time commitment, and so many seemed to have been shamed into such situations. Many people may take this blog post as a bash to marriage and children, but that's just it, it is the furthest from it. Women who have figured out that marriage and children is not for us, nor would it be good for the others involved, then that takes some serious human maturity to get to that point.  So the next time you judge an unmarried woman without children, think of your own life choices.

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