Monday, October 5, 2015

Seeing Benny Benassi Live Originally posted July 13, 2015

This shouldn't come as a shock to you if you read this blog, or the music blog linked above. However, since my love for music is not modest nor a secret, knowing how influential Benny Benassi on my ever growing love of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) has been throughout my life(as evident in my Ignite Phoenix presentation). It was the introduction to the song "Satisfaction" among other songs years ago, that lead me to his legendary electronic sound as well as skill as a DJ. Along with other pioneers in the genre of EDM, his popularity is still intact, thus when the announcement of his set at my local Summer hot spot Release Pool Parties, I knew I had to go.
A video posted by Brooke Brown (@saxy15) on

Totally worth it! @iambennyb is the man! #EDM #EDMFamily #music #electronic A video posted by Brooke Brown (@saxy15) on

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