Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ticketmaster & Live Nation-What's the point? Originally posted April 3, 2014

Let me explain as that was really vague of a title. What's the point of Ticketmaster or Live Nation when tickets are more than likely bought by scalpers before fans can really buy them? If you haven't noticed, one one my hobbies is going to concerts. I really enjoy live music of the artists I enjoy. In a recent attempt at buying tickets from a beloved band for their upcoming 4 night stint in Vegas, we (fans) were alerted of the many different pre-sales and general sale.  In our frantic state of chaos, the decision of whether to go for the VIP packages or regular tickets followed by correct information on each "privileged" sale available. Let's just face it, it's purely luck, and great internet skills during these. Knowing whether or not to sign in early than the advertised sale time is also a virtue. You may say it is simple supply and demand, but there is so much more to it than that. The demand to see certain artists live in concert on tour has sparked the interest of more people than their fan base. With websites like StubHub, it's easy how people are making a profit from selling tickets. Of course, there are those "old school" scalpers who still stand outside venues hoping to sale those tickets last minute, which if the event is "sold out" will probably sell. The takeaway from this post that you hopefully have read in its entirety to this point, is that there really isn't a point to stressing out over the "original" sales from Ticketmaster and Live Nation. In fact, Ticketmaster conducts their own type of scalper program now. Also, marking prices up by more than 50% shouldn't be allowed. However, there's a price to pay for morality when money is involved, right?   So again, I ask, "what's the point?"  

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