Sunday, October 4, 2015

Taking 2015 Off From NKOTB Originally posted February 6, 2015

GASP! Yeah, many of you may be thinking, "Oh, she has said that before, and if their is will and way, she will be at the next NKOTB event she can get to. Plus she must be best friends with Donnie Wahlberg by now." Well, you are wrong...about part of that statement. Since 2008, there has been the tradition for me to end up at an event (concert, cruise, or Walk of Fame Ceremony).  Despite this trend, there is other music, and other things that are of interest to me. I know, right? My passion for music (especially EDM) intensifies daily. My exploration of other artists, groups, and songs is just what happens. Some friends and family may say, that I have a knack from moving on to one obsession to the next. Moving on truly never happens, the focus changes for a period of time. That being said, I WILL NOT be attending any New Kids on the Block events this year.  If all goes to plan, there will be other events to attend. Let me repeat that, I am taking 2015 off from NKOTB.

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