Saturday, October 3, 2015

Experience of a lifetime...Originally Posted Nov. 11, 2009

Decided to delete an old blog started almost 8 years ago. Instead of deleting all posts, I will post many that were needed at different points of my life. Enjoy! 

 I shall start with the background information. After I joined Twitter and began to network with New Kids on the Block and my fellow Blockheads, I gained a follower in @SuperStarDJRos (DJ Ros) celebrity DJ/aspiring artist in Atlanta, Georgia. Our interaction on Twitter was minimal at first, then about a month or two ago, I recieved a tweet from DJ Ros about how he was enjoying "my interaction" with Donnie Wahlberg and the fact that I am a Blockhead. In fact, DJ Ros told me he was a fan of New Kids on the Block and New Edition! Despite this coming out of nowhere, I thought that this was amazing considering New Kids on the Block, Blockheads have continuously gotten backlash for our existence. So, DJ Ros and my interaction on Twitter became to be more involved as our love for music became our common ground. To me this is exciting, because anybody who knows me, know I LOVE music. So, when Donnie Wahlberg's single "I GOT IT" dropped and Blockhead Radio Station Domination began, I kindly asked DJ Ros to play it in the clubs in Atlanta for me.   The plot thickens...this past week on Thursday November 5, 2009, I received the following tweet from DJ Ros... @saxy15 SAXY!!! I see you riding hard for the big homie (Donnie) today...Love watching it unfold..need soldiers like you when T.A.P. drops. I replied to DJ Ros saying that my passion for the cause was driving me, and asked if he was playing "I GOT IT" in the clubs, DJ Ros replied with this tweet... @saxy15 I run I GOT IT..good feedback on the joint...tell Donnie that he owes me a drop for the next @saxy15 Tell him it's all because of you and the other 'soldiers'. Fans like you are an inspiration. You guys are what it's all about. I responded thanking him, then proceeded to tell him that he could tell Donnie in person as Donnie was having a "I GOT IT' party in Atlanta on November 20th at Club Life. DJ Ros responded with this tweet... @saxy15 really..that's one of the my spots that I play..just there last Thursday...just may do that...wonder whose DJing? So, in the meantime I sent a tweet to Donnie for which this Retweet came from...From:@saxy15@DonnieWahlberg Receiving word from @SuperStarDJRos, that "I GOT IT" is a popular jam in the clubs in Atlanta! WOO! ;-) Then I recieved this tweet from DJ Ros... @saxy15 @donniewahlberg just mad a call to the owners for the club..It may be me & Donnie that night. They want me..trying to make it work. KEEP IN MIND ALL OF THIS WAS HAPPENING IN THE TIME FRAME OF AN HOUR. DJ Ros then sent this tweet... Welcome to my new followers via @donniewahlberg...looks like we will be rocking together on Nov 20th @ ClubLIFE thnks to @Saxy15..I GOT IT!! By this time, I was in shock from the support of DJ Ros, and the Retweet by Donnie Wahlberg, and let my shock be known. DJ Ros then sent this tweet... @saxy15 The power of Twitter has just been demonstrated. I am in the studio now & look what we have done..will make sure Donnie is welcomed!   Okay, here is where I get depressed. My interest in going to the party in Atlanta skyrocketed!! Not only have I been a Donnie Wahlberg fan for 18 years of my life, but I am a fan of DJ Ros, and respect DJ Ros for his support!! However, I am student at the U of A, and my funds are extremely limited. Meaning I get support from my folks, but it is only to used for bills and school expenses. Yes, a West Coast party has been announced, but it happens on the day after Thanksgiving. Well, being that I promised my family the holiday time, and have school work to finish during that weekend I am 98% sure I can't go to that party. My passion for the cause, and the possible experience of lifetime is fastly approaching. I am broke, without support from my folks on the matter as they have their heart set on visiting the weekend of the party for the last home football game at the U of A. Plus, my folks do not understand nor support the fact that I am a Blockhead, so this is ridiculous in their eyes. I understand that the economy is bad, and I really truly appreciate all the money my folks have invested in me to get a college education.   I have asked for advice from many people in the last few days, and most have said make the dream come true in flying to Atlanta for the party. I agree that an experience like this does not come up everyday. I have been patient, and have missed out on every after party/party that has happened during this New Kids on the Block reunion in addition to many other events. I am graduating college in 182 days, in fact I finish my major this semester. I will only have to finish my minor next semester. After all of this has gone down, I am emotionally exhausted as I still want to go to Atlanta, but I am lacking the funds for airfare to Atlanta and back. It is looking like I will again have to miss out on my passion, but yet I still have that chance in the back of my mind. I just don't know what to do. I have been crying!! Why does this disappointment of not being able to do things keep happening to me? I have been trying to make lemonade out of the lemons my life has dealt me, and yet I still have the Rhine. *tears*  This turned out to be an experience of a lifetime.

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