Saturday, October 3, 2015

"I'm on a motherfucking boat" Originally posted on August 16, 2010

As I sit here watching the NKOTB DVD "Coming Home" with my Blockhead roommate Kelley, I got inspired to write this blog entry. A few months back I began plotting with my potential NKOTB cruise roommates (including my current roommate) about cruise 2011, we all said let's make this shit happen! Yes, all of us are rookies. Well, about 5 days before booking (AKA Clusterfuck) day, one of our roommates had to back out due to understandable life circumstances. Well, due to the frantic nature, and bond via Twitter, we welcomed a new roommate the next day. Technology was able to keep our plans going for booking day. Fast forward to clusterfuck day. I rose early to see how the Pre-sale for past cruisers was going, and to listen to Donnie Wahlberg on the Morning Orchard on Cherrytree Radio. Booking for us was going to happen at Noon our time, and needless to say, we had back up plans for our back up plans during the process. Our lead booker Shanna was all signed in, and had Kelley and I on speaker phone. Kelley and I had both of our computers ready in case shit happened. In case you are new to the world of New Kids on the Block cruise booking, this is ridiculously stressful, because it is a lottery to get on the boat due to the demand in the first place. Back to booking, I had our 4th roommate Leslie on AIM, since she was at work across the country. I relayed any information to her as soon as we had new developments. Well, Shanna got in, entered all of our information, and didn't know that Comcast was going to charge her for all of us. Due to some overdrafting action, our reservation got denied. Ouch. That is when, I began my quest to book us (while Shanna called to get her money back); well, my browser wouldn't handle it for some reason. Shit. So, finally, Kelley entered necessary information, and we got a confirmation number! *cue Hallelujah music* We ended up with the type of room we wanted in the first place, and we are now ON THE MOTHERFUCKING BOAT!!! So stoked, because a lot of the folks who got on with us are also rookies and great friends. Now all that is left is pay it off, and plan. Oh, and for me not tell my folks or justify me being a Blockhead, because they just don't understand!

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