Monday, October 5, 2015

Ignite Phoenix #17-Part 1 Originally posted May 24, 2015

An interesting opportunity came to light one day while brainstorming and searching for employment about four months ago. The idea to become a public speaker had crossed my mind once again, yet figuring out how to be that traveling public speaker is not that easy.  While browsing the internet, Ignite Phoenix came across my screen, peaking my interest. The ability to submit based on a subject that came from passion was immediately intriguing. Yet, I wasn't not convinced that I should submit. Life happens, but once again browsing the internet, this time submitting didn't seem as intimidating as the deadline for submissions was only days away.  The usual pessimistic thoughts of not being chosen crossed my mind. Fast forward a few weeks, a phone call on a Sunday afternoon with the news that my topic had been chosen as one of the 18 presenters out of over 160 submissions. To say I was shocked and honored was saying the least. "EDM Makes Me Tick" became the chance to explain what Electronic Dance Music is, and why I love it so much. There is much more to that genre of music than is normally reported by popular media outlets.  Attending the boot-camp to get meet other presenters, the volunteer team (non-profit), and get questions answered was on the agenda.  It was nice to learn that every presenter had a coach who was also there to help out putting presentation together, and any other support needed. Having public speaking experience, and knowing my subject weren't hurdles, rather making the outline, and narrowing the presentation to fit the 5 minute time limit became challenging.   Stay tuned for part 2. 

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