Sunday, October 4, 2015

My Love for EDM Originally posted December 6, 2014

Music of all genres has been a huge influence in my life, and is a part that has shaped the person I am today.  Until recently, I could never put a reason on why music defines me as much as it does. Well, it has a power of calming me down from my daily anxiety struggle. I grew up in the 90s, but my old soul has not discriminated against eras or genres (with the exception of Country).   My love for the art of dance came at a very early age, thus the love of music had to follow suit. While growing up, I became more and more enthralled with music history and specific types of music. One day I found a radio station in high school that most specialized in broadcasting dance music or what is known as #EDM (Electronic Dance Music) now. Thus, my love for EDM was born. It's really hard to explain how much I love music, and why I have made going to concerts a hobby to this day. You could say playing Saxophone for 17 or more years, and really studying music theory helped along the way. Something about the intricacies of the beats, melodies, and carefree thoughts that come with EDM. As pop music has been more and more ingrained with the dance music style, "the movement" of EDM has grown tremendously over the years. Despite the ease and appeal of becoming a DJ/Producer these days, the competition among those in the EDM scene doesn't seem to be volatile. It's more of a family/close friend feel, that allows fans of the genre to let loose and feel the same way. Sure, EDM events have had their share of bad incidents and press. From people being trampled to the use of drugs to name a couple. Yet, when watching a set from a well known DJ these days, the crowd along with the DJ just has a blast for the love of EDM!

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