Monday, October 5, 2015

My Take on Donald Trump Originally posted August 24, 2015

Decided that despite the remarks I made on a former episode of #TrendingTopicswithBB, to delve deeper into my thoughts on the media circus that is Donald Trump.  For years, the Donald had threatened to run for President under the Republican party.  As if his financial and business "power" would be enough to change the outlook on the party and leadership of the United States. With the Democratic race primarily between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, why not shake up the GOP as there are WAY too many candidates to take seriously. Let's be real here, his "refreshing" way of saying the hell comes to mind has gotten everybody in the media in a frenzy, not to mention is knack for not apologizing. However, what he says really has no validity nor logic whatsoever.  Knowing this defeats the purpose of actually finding him as a good candidate for President, yet, he's currently leading the polls in the Republican (GOP) race. My question for American voters is, are you going to vote based on logic or based on the circus this man presents? Donald Trump may be a "great businessman" but I highly doubt a great president.

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