Monday, October 5, 2015

My in depth look at "Fifty Shades of Grey" Originally posted March 18, 2015

Upon finishing listening to the trilogy of "Fifty Shades of Grey" book via Audible recently as well as seeing the movie more than once, it's clear as to why these are so popular. Yes, people are interested in sex mixed in with BDSM that was previously discussed on an episode of  #TrendingTopicswithBB.  However, that is not completely what this story is truly about. Many are quick to make their opinions based on the characters themselves, the way the protagonist portrays her "innocence" by being a virgin. As  U.S. society leads us to believe that most people are naive based on the fact that they have not had much experience with sex or the sensuality that BDSM brings. Yet, society makes it difficult to talk about sexual preferences or sex in general without judgement. Perhaps it comes down to maturity, but there seems to be more than meets the eye in this case. The horrible yet required sex education courses that lots of people have endured over the years in school have constantly been labeled as the problem.  These books are not the first ones to describe sex and BDSM as there is an entire romance/erotica genre. Without giving out spoilers, what starts out as focusing on this lifestyle turns into a love story. The underlying message to take from this trilogy is to be open minded about what can happen in an relationship from all parties. Criticism about abuse or whether it depicts BDSM correctly have been made by many. The relatability of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey has also been criticized yet this trilogy has captivated the world in prose and film. Perhaps the books and movies aren't the only thing to be open minded about.

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