Monday, October 5, 2015

TV Review: Orange Is The New Black Originally posted March 4, 2015

Let's just say, that if Neflix keeps creating these type of shows, well, it will continue to grow. Again, like the other popular show (check previous post), a lot of us are late to the party. However, ironically as the binge watching ended up completion of season 2 this week, the announcement of season 3 allows us to rejoice. Spoilers are BAD, thus, this review will be without any. Yet, the general premise of this show is a middle aged women leaves her fiance and life to turn herself into prison for a crime committed years before. Although noble, upon entering this all female prison with interesting guards and administration the journey begins.  Why is it called "Orange Is The New Black"? Perhaps a take on the fatigues worn as a new inmate, and the segregation the prison may possess. What is your interpretation? Obviously academies who decide who win Emmy's, "Golden Globes", and the like have found the production value to be high. Depending on your knowledge of pop culture, your recognition of actors may very. Conditionally, all actors playing these incarcerated characters are brilliant. From Lavern Cox to Uzo Aduba, to Taylor Schilling, you begin to care about each and every one. Again, for fear of revealing spoilers for those just now beginning their binge watching, show creator Jenji Kohan has a brilliant show to keep creating. Then again after the popularity of the show "Weeds", it is to be expected.

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