Saturday, October 3, 2015

Are you ready? Originally Posted August 5, 2010

Decided to delete an old blog started almost 8 years ago. Instead of deleting all posts, I will post many that were needed at different points of my life. Enjoy! 

Alright, as you may have noticed I am random and I keep it real. My life has been really depressing lately, yeah, unemployment sucks. My folks continue to be on my case...I hate family drama. Oh, this not sleeping thing is getting old. *sigh* Moving on, since I am a loyal fan of Criss Angel (Yes the Mindfreak), I decided that his constant Twitter and Facebook advertising for the Season 6 premiere party was appealing. I had missed it last year, and since I now live in Las Vegas, why the hell not? Everybody has their opinions, but the man is hot and intriguing outside the magic and "demonstrations". According to my normal do things by myself because I don't want to miss out mantra, I went by myself early to beat the rush. Well, I didn't realize there was a cover or a two drink minimum, fuck. Oh well, I wasn't the only one and didn't want to miss out on an opportunity. In the meantime, I was Tweeting and such as usual to pass the time. A clusterfuck on Facebook concerning a Donnie Wahlberg profile had come about this week, and Donnie "set the record straight" on Twitter. Cool, I sent a reply like all of my fellow Blockheads. Well, to my surprise I got a reply from the man. You are saying to yourself great; yes, but it didn't make sense with my reply. I digress this week has been weird. While in line, I met this woman(who also came by herself) who was die hard fan. I didn't know how die hard till we hung out at the bar. We instantly bonded, because as a Blockhead, I get loyal "following". She knew all the inside scoop concerning Criss, but wasn't Bat Shit Crazy. *Thumbs Up* Anyway, we chilled at the bar, met other fans, Criss ran late (reminds me of Wahlberg Standard Time ;-)). Criss and his entourage showed up, we watched the premiere, followed by his A&E Biography. Finally, came the Facetime time. Criss offered free Patron shots, (with the exception of people with birthdays), most of us were gunning for that picture, and perhaps a hug/little conversation. Yeah, I should know by now, that fans bunch up, causing the body guards to be asses. I get that it is your job to protect your boss, but really? After spending $30 on the night, I wanted my picture. Well it happened, very short moment, but the fucking thing happened. Ironic thing to top off the no sleeping night, when I got home, Criss' Biography was on A&E.   39923_907668702582_3717650_n

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