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Trending Topics with BB #52-Soap Box #9-Automated Phone Systems

BB returns to her #SoapBox to vent about the difficulty of automated phone systems. Can you relate?

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Trending Topics with BB #50-David Roberts

This episode features David Roberts of Straight No Chaser. The chat includes 'I'll Have Another...Christmas Album', the tour of the same name, and more!

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Markus Schulz, guests, & #SchulzArmy 'Watch the World' in San Diego

When the second round of 'Watch the World' tour appearances were announced, it became apparent that a trip or two to California was in order. You see, there hasn't been a confirmation on a new appearance in my hood of Phoenix, Arizona. Anyway, traveling for somebody you respect along with meeting up with fellow fans who are now your friends after previous events is just too hard to pass up.

I had originally thought I couldn't make the trip to San Diego due to higher priced flights, and my older car, but due to the previous week of good vibes in my life (that I attribute to Markus Schulz) I decided to take the road trip. After all, there are beaches in San Diego, and it had been a couple years since I saw a beach in person.
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It is funny how life and plans work out. After a short visit to Ocean Beach, I drove Downtown to kill time before meeting up with friends at Omnia Nightclub San Diego. The Gaslamp district was vibrant as ever, and I ended up finding the venue. After paying too much for parking across the street, I decided to venture to the Courtyard by Marriott directly across the street from the venue to seek out availability.  Upon searching for discounts, I opted to use my AAA and to book. After presenting my ID to the front desk and explaining that I had drove 5 hours just for this event, I was awarded with a bigger discount.

After a quick snack at the rooftop lounge, I finally was able to meet up with Desaree & Patrick.  Then Angel and Juan joined me for another round (following San Francisco).  I just love that music and events bring people together in a unique way.  

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Another opening set by Nifra did not disappoint, and got the crowd dancing. Many different groups of people were out for a good time, and it showed.
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Whether you are a fan of trance or Markus Schulz, the entertainment he brings to each one of his sets is unlike many others. The entrance by Mr. Schulz alone will grab your attention right away.
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Another great experience with my Trance Family, #SchulzArmy, Markus Schulz and guests was had. The performances by Brooke Tomlinson, Adina Butar, De'lacey, and Nikki Flores did not disappoint. Huge thank you to Markus for recognizing me once again along with your concern upon my reaction. It was all just chaotic, and I was floored. Please enjoy more memories from the night!

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Markus Schulz and Guests 'Watch the World' in San Francisco

A very difficult time in college in all aspects pushed me towards following the reunion of a pop act that was one of my first exposures to music.  I heavily followed this group for almost 7 years until the novelty wore off, but not without making friends along the way. For that time, I ignored my eclectic taste, and missed out on other experiences. So fast forward to present time, where I was older, and searching for my musical passion again.

This year (2016) has been interesting, depressing, and invigorating all for different reasons. That old adage, "Everything happens for a reason."  Well, finding my love for Markus Schulz, and Trance music again has been that this year. It just so happens that canceling a trip to LA last minute allowed me to attend my first Markus Schulz set in 5 years at Maya Day and Nightclub in Scottsdale, Arizona as recapped on this blog in January. Little did I know, that this experience with a close friend was going to capture the love that began for this music close to 15 years ago.

Knowing that Markus Schulz got his start as a DJ here in Arizona back then has allowed me to find pride in being from Arizona.  Without sharing my life story as a kid, you must know that my life has been guided through love of music from a very young age. From exposure from my parents, to learning and playing Alto and Baritone Saxophone since I was in the 7th grade.  As I have gotten older, my love for music continues to grow, and I have found passion in discovering artists that hone their craft by the same passion.

The following events of an Open to Close at Avalon in Hollywood, 'Watch the World' release party at Exchange LA,  Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) week events and the festival,  lead me to this recently passed 'Watch the World' party in San Francisco at Ruby Skye.  The similarities in following artists comes from bonding with others who share the same passion, thus, I have made new friends.  Thanks to the general, I found the #SchulzArmy, and re-joined the Trance Family.  I could got into many details why this has been rewarding just as fellow human beings, but that is an entire different blog post.

After a short flight to SFO in the evening went well, meeting up with friends, then getting to venue, we were geared for another great night.  Nifra's opening set brought great vibes for the night, and it was evident that the crowd was full of #SchulzArmy, Trance Family SF, and Trance Family.  Then, it was time for Markus Schulz to take us on another journey.  Considering this is now the 7th time seeing him live this year, the set did not disappoint.  My respect for Markus grows with each set I hear knowing that he has dedicated his life to what comes out of the speakers.  The special guests of Adina Butar, Brooke Tomlinson, and Nikki Flores slayed their vocal performances to the delight of the crowd. It was a long time coming getting to meet Brooke and Mike EFEX following their appearances on my podcast Trending Topics with BB.

If you ever have the chance to see Markus Schulz live, just DO IT!  You won't regret the experience!
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Trending Topics with BB #45-Monoverse

Trance and Progressive DJ/Producer Santos Torres A.K.A. Monoverse joins the podcast to chat about his alias, producing, trance, and more!

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Trending Topics with BB #44-Soap Box #4-EDM Unity

This is another Soap Box episode where BB has a bone to pick with the overall EDM (Electronic Dance Music) community.

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Trending Topics with BB #43-DJ Munition

This episode features guest DJ Munition A.K.A. Tyler Sherman where topics such as music, trance music, EDM, & trance scene in Phoenix, Arizona are discussed.

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Trending Topics with BB #42-Pete Salaz

This episode features Pete Salaz as he chats about house music, the scene in Phoenix, Arizona, and more! Hope you enjoy the history!

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Trending Topics with BB #41-Joe Gangemi

This episode features local comedian Joe Gangemi as we chat about, comedy, day jobs, egos of comedians, and more!

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Trending Topics with BB #39-Soap Box #3-Side by Side Couples

This bonus episode of Trending Topics with BB is the third installment of the "Soap Box". Why do couples have to sit side by side?

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Trending Topics with BB #36-Randy Stine

This episode features another member of the group Straight No Chaser as that series continues. Randy Stine joins to chat music, SNC events, and A Capella.

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Trending Topics with BB #35-Steve Morgan

This episode is a continuing series of chat/interviews with members of the AWESOME artist Straight No Chaser. Steve Morgan graced this podcast with a great chat about A Capella, music, and upcoming events for SNC.

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Trending Topics with BB #32-Amy Lukavics

This episode features author Amy Lukavics. Enjoy the chat about the journey to becoming a published author, and what is in store next.

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What It Means to Open to Close with Markus Schulz

Instead of writing an exclusive review of my most recent experience here, I wrote the review for my fellow #SchulzArmy soldiers!

Please read the review here! 

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Trending Topics with BB #31-Dulche

This episode feature Dulche. We discuss our love for EDM, Trance, House, and the scene.

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That VIP EDX Experience

This is the tale of how awesome social media can be, and with a little luck on your side you can get in another EPIC experience.  Let's set the scene.  Due to life, I had to cancel my reservation for Groove Cruise Miami 2016 in December 2015. Needless to say, knowing the line up of DJs as well as what the experience was going to bring, I was pretty devastated.

However, it is weird how plans change in life. I had seen a post on Facebook from EDX about sharing and tagging friend in the post to win tickets and meet & greet for his set at Maya Day and Nightclub January 29th.  Normally when I participate in these type of things, I never win. However, it was my lucky day, and I won! 

You should already know by now that I am EDM junkie, and was glad that even though I missed him on the Groove Cruise, I was able to enjoy his set locally, not to mention meet and hangout with him. The "No Excuses" way of EDX is fantastic! His sets truly bring back House and Progressive House to the forefront of the EDM scene. The experience was all the more better as I got to share it with my friend Marisa again! 

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Trending Topics with BB #29-Walter Chase

This episode of #TrendingTopicswithBB features Walter Chase of Straight No Chaser. We chat about Acapella, music, Straight No Chaser, The Chase Podcast, and a bit more.

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Another EPIC Markus Schulz Experience!

In 2010-2011, I moved to Las Vegas to be a promoter for clubs and events. Good idea for my love the scene, bad idea realistically for the economy. But I digress.  Association in promotion afforded m my first experience seeing Markus Schulz and Cosmic Gate tear up a pool party! As an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) junkie, witnessing these sets of Trance were just short of legendary.

Let's fast forward to January 16, 2016.  Markus Schulz & Nifra are set to bring the masses of Trance/EDM fans to Maya Day and Night Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. As evident in this article, the #UnicornSlayer set up career roots in Arizona/Phoenix area about 20 years ago.  The bar and club districts of Old Town Scottsdale bring an array of people out for a night out.  Every establishment playing music, serving drinks, and wanting to attract as many people as possible. However, when an event such as the #Unicorn Slayer arises, demographics are narrowed down to those part of the #TranceFamily.

The vibe was set early on in the night when Nifra opened with her set. If you follow/listen to the Global DJ Broadcast as well as the happenings with Coldharbour Recordings, you were already aware of Nifra. The party didn't take long to kick off, and the cathartic release of the week's tension started to melt away. Not to mention the smart play by the staff at Maya for giving out glow-sticks.  Sharing this night out with my friend Marisa Thompson, who also came for the music was a long time coming.

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Whether or not you are part of the #TranceFamily or a fan of EDM as a whole, you should attend one of Markus' sets.  There really is a sense of family when you attend, for instance two gentlemen in wheelchairs were part of the crowd, and instead mistreating them, they became the center of the crowd...literally.  Other party goers made it a point to hoist these men up in their chairs to the delight of the crowd and Markus Schulz simultaneously.  This was really cool moment, and restored my faith in the EDM Family. I have been a part of other crowds at other events, and this fair treatment doesn't happen, in fact, more competitive/backstabbing treatment ensues.

Getting lost in the beats and melodies while at an event such as this really does put my love for EDM in perspective.  There's nothing like it.

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