Monday, March 4, 2024

Trending Topics with BB #170-Dave Dresden


On this MILESTONE episode, 1/2 of Gabriel & Dresden, Dave Dresden sits down in a lounge on Groove Cruise 2024 with B.B. to chat about the origin stories of Gabriel & Dresden & Motorcycle, the track "As the Rush Comes", electronic dance music, and MORE.

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Monday, February 12, 2024

Trending Topics with BB #169-Tim Clark


Entrepreneur, Business Man, Husband, Father, DJ & Producer Tim Clark joins B.B. on Groove Cruise 2024 for a chat about Tradebloc, Inc., love of electronic music, being a father, becoming a DJ and producer, EDMAwards, and MORE!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2023

'The Rabbit Hole Circus' by Markus Schulz Recap & Preview of New Year's Eve at Avalon Hollywood


   *Disclaimer: After some contemplation, I decided not to share this on The Love of Music Project due to the album review being published there already. This also reflects my own personal experience of the event.

    For those new to this "blog" and myself Brooke Brown, I urge you to check out published content from years passed. You will see a pattern of my allegiance to Markus Schulz over the years once I discovered the beauty of his open to close sets at various venues throughout the world. I have had the honor and privilege of interviewing Markus on my podcast Trending Topics with BB, and the topic of open to close sets more specifically at the infamous Avalon Hollywood has been discussed. However, the tradition of this venue and the journey of music and good vibes for an average of 10 hours continue to reign supreme.  

    When the announcement of his album 'Rabbit Hole Circus' and the subsequent tour at venues allowing Markus and his team to showcase vocalists & aerialists to encompass the "circus" vibe along with masterpiece full length album, Avalon Hollywood was among the list for this August 19, 2023 extravaganza. Please take a look at the photos linked here for some highlights or head to my Instagram

    What can I say other than I had a blast dancing my a$$ off for at least 7 hours. Hence, the disheveled  state I am in (with the biggest smile) in the photo with Markus above.  According to my health app on my phone that was in my pocket all night, I took well over 30,000 steps from walking around and dancing throughout the night.  Once the performances were concluded, Markus did what he does best in the early morning hours known as the "rabbit hole".  It's where the dark, twisted, and wonderful vibes of music are showcased and where the inspiration of the album over the years arose. 

    It has also become a tradition for Markus Schulz to ring in the New Year for many years. Therefore, the tradition will continue in 2023 to ring in 2024 at Avalon Hollywood.  This won't be a night centered around 'Rabbit Hole Circus', but I am sure we will hear tracks from the album scattered throughout the night. Yes, I will be attending this as well as it seemed like the move for the New Year celebration. It's great to see a partnership with the Dreamstate brand through Insomniac and another opening set from Tim Clark. This event will ULTIMATELY SELL OUT, but to get your hands on REMAINING TICKETS, please visit this link:

I hope you see you on the dancefloor fellow Schulz Army

Monday, October 9, 2023

Monday, October 2, 2023

Trending Topics with BB #167-ReDub


Musician, Sound Engineer, Mastering Engineer, & Coldharbour Recordings Music Producer ReDub (A.K.A. William Schneider) joins B.B for a conversation about his musical background, passion for music, music production, and MORE!

"Come With Me" Music Video:

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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Trending Topics with BB #166-Denzo


Sound Technician, Coldharbour Recordings artist, & DJ Denzo joins B.B. for a chat about producing music, DJing, Club SPACE in Miami, and a lot more! Follow on social media  @DenzoMusic  

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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Trending Topics with BB #165- Hey There...Again!


Surprise! B.B. is back on the internet airwaves with some updates! 

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