Sunday, January 17, 2016

Another EPIC Markus Schulz Experience!

In 2010-2011, I moved to Las Vegas to be a promoter for clubs and events. Good idea for my love the scene, bad idea realistically for the economy. But I digress.  Association in promotion afforded m my first experience seeing Markus Schulz and Cosmic Gate tear up a pool party! As an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) junkie, witnessing these sets of Trance were just short of legendary.

Let's fast forward to January 16, 2016.  Markus Schulz & Nifra are set to bring the masses of Trance/EDM fans to Maya Day and Night Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. As evident in this article, the #UnicornSlayer set up career roots in Arizona/Phoenix area about 20 years ago.  The bar and club districts of Old Town Scottsdale bring an array of people out for a night out.  Every establishment playing music, serving drinks, and wanting to attract as many people as possible. However, when an event such as the #Unicorn Slayer arises, demographics are narrowed down to those part of the #TranceFamily.

The vibe was set early on in the night when Nifra opened with her set. If you follow/listen to the Global DJ Broadcast as well as the happenings with Coldharbour Recordings, you were already aware of Nifra. The party didn't take long to kick off, and the cathartic release of the week's tension started to melt away. Not to mention the smart play by the staff at Maya for giving out glow-sticks.  Sharing this night out with my friend Marisa Thompson, who also came for the music was a long time coming.

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Whether or not you are part of the #TranceFamily or a fan of EDM as a whole, you should attend one of Markus' sets.  There really is a sense of family when you attend, for instance two gentlemen in wheelchairs were part of the crowd, and instead mistreating them, they became the center of the crowd...literally.  Other party goers made it a point to hoist these men up in their chairs to the delight of the crowd and Markus Schulz simultaneously.  This was really cool moment, and restored my faith in the EDM Family. I have been a part of other crowds at other events, and this fair treatment doesn't happen, in fact, more competitive/backstabbing treatment ensues.

Getting lost in the beats and melodies while at an event such as this really does put my love for EDM in perspective.  There's nothing like it.

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