Saturday, October 3, 2015

Susan G. Komen 3-Day!!!!!!

Decided to delete an old blog started almost 8 years ago. Instead of deleting all posts, I will post many that were needed at different points of my life. Enjoy!

  Originally posted November 12, 2012

 First of all, if you have thought about it, DO IT. Worried about walking, join the CREW! Okay, so it all began when I had a blast as Team Betty captain in Vegas in 2011. I was moved by the 22,000 race for the cure participants in downtown Las Vegas. I was sitting around watching the updates from Remember Betty on Twitter, and said to myself, "Self, you need to up the game in 2012."  So I decided to sign up for the Arizona 3-Day as Team Betty.  I knew I had to raise a minimum of $2,300, and walk 60 miles, but I didn't really know what to expect over the course of 7 months. Well, I began fundraising as soon as possible via social media as well as personal family and friends. I tried to spread the word to other Arizona Blockheads as well as Blockheads in general to join the team, but ended up being the only member. No worries, there is always next year. ;-) You should know by now that I have OCD and ADD tendencies as well as extreme anxiety. I have had my share of life drama, and well I like to take care of others before myself. Thus, I was more stressed out about reaching the fundraising minimum goal than the 60 miles due to me walking a lot at work as well as my obsession with fitness. As I sit here relaxing my sore body, I now know what to expect for next time. ;-) Let's move on to the event itself, shall we? I had plans to be in Phoenix the night before check in to be on the safe side. Well, plans failed, and I ended up driving to the 602/480 at 3:00AM. I arrived in Gilbert a little after 5AM along with motorcade of other participants ready to check in as well as begin the day.  This is AFTER REACHING THE MINIMUM THE EVENING BEFORE! Shout out to all BH and other social media friends/colleagues who donated the last day. I really owe my experience to you!  After getting all checked in, and suited up for the day, I waited for Opening Ceremony to begin. After jamming to music, meeting other participants, as well as just enjoying the sunrise, the ceremony begins with some stretching to get loose followed by music, and introduction of Dr. Sherie (spokesperson/ceremony leader of the event).  The ceremony is awesome, I ended up in tears, then we were off on the 60 mile journey.  I met others to walk with that morning while walking, as well as throughout the day. I now know I need to wear better shoes on day one. My insert combined with keeping the shoes tight, resulted in a bruised left foot, and the beginning of the blisters. FAIL. Good news, the knees did not hurt! The saga with my knee injuries is a whole blog entry in itself.  After a great evening of medical tent, showering, and enjoy all of things camp had to offer, I went to my tent to sleep. Waking up on day two had my knees screaming, so I decided bracing and wrapping them was to be done that day.  Different more comfortable walking shoes made my blisters tolerable, but yet my knees were getting worse, and I was slowing down despite stretching. Despite all of this pain, I was still having a blast along the routes. I decided to not be stubborn, and by lunch break to get more medical help, and perhaps take a sweep van or bus back to camp. This ended up being a bus back to camp, and immediately to the medical tent. After icing my recent injured knee, they were very cautious about me walking. I got RED CARDED. :-( Yep, medically restricted to a athlete and fitness fan is a low blow, but necessary. I rested all afternoon to be able to enjoy the evening. Boy did I, the dance party was a BLAST, and well awesome shenanigans with others was had. (What happens at the dance party, stays at the dance party or Susan G. Komen 3-Day.) ;-) Day 3 began with waking up freezing. Yeah, the weather in Phoenix had turned cold. It happens in November. I was shivering and so stiff I came to the conclusion a hot shower was in order. Best IDEA ever! Packing up went quick, the medical tent did not due to the need for help from a lot of us. Shit happens. After  breakfast, I was able to get evaluated, and they determined I was fit to walk since my swelling had gone down.    I took it easy with sweep vans, so I could walk over the finish line! All went to plan! What an amazing feeling! The crew was amazing, the other walkers were amazing, the event was just fucking AMAZING! I laughed, I cried, I marveled at the quest to END BREAST CANCER! Nice to be a part of raising $2.4 Million for the foundation.  I loved that upon learning that I was representing Remember Betty, I started to get the nickname New Kids on the Block. Needless, to say, I am planning the next one, which could be me walking or crew for Boston 2013. If I am still in Arizona, I am doing this one again.  I am HOOKED! Check out my pictures on my Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages linked to this blog! GREAT TIMES!!

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