Saturday, October 3, 2015

Can I erase my memory?

Decided to delete an old blog started almost 8 years ago. Instead of deleting all posts, I will post many that were needed at different points of my life. Enjoy! 

  Originally posted November 22, 2010

By now you should be well aware of the fact that I am boycotting *cringe* NKOTBSB! Honestly, at this point, all I want to do is cry, curl up in a ball, and erase my memory. I wanted to last night's American Music Awards performance of the two groups to change my mind. I wanted to be pleasantly surprised, and give in or join like most others. Instead after waiting and seeing spoilers from the East Coast or the press, I was completely let down. I wasn't excited leading up to it, and when the performance began I didn't have those deep euphoric butterflies again. Like my emotions were telling my mind, that you know this is going to suck. Well, I sat with my roommate, AKA Kelley, AKA Fellow Blockhead, eager to finally see what this bullshit buzz was about. Well, 2 seconds into it, and we both cringed, and as it progressed, and sacred New Kids on the Block songs were ruined by the mashup, we both said in unison, "FUCK THIS!" Yes, I guess you could call us the captains of TEAM BOYCOTT. Yes, there are others of you out there that are on this team. I appreciate and respect you for that. On the other hand, I will not continue to eat up the BULLSHIT that is this union just to see the New Kids on the Block. Half of my money is going to Backstreet Boys, why should I contribute to something I don't believe in? Plus, it was confirmed this week that Boys II Men were supposed to be on this tour with them, but Backstreet Boys disrespected them and said no! Are you fucking kidding me? Sons of Motown were snubbed by a manufactured Jive group who want to keep the share to themselves. Oh, and before you get on my case about my feelings toward BSB, WAKE THE FUCK UP AND SMELL THE FUCKING ROSES!! This fickle business is ruining the appeal of music. Hey, New Kids, if you wanted to sell stadiums out again, RELEASE NEW MUSIC AGAIN!!! That whole organic thing you had going on, is now suspect! If you follow them on Twitter, have you noticed their Tweets are more about promotion and smoothing shit over? Are y'all running for political office? Well, I will give you credit for NOT saying you can see Russia from your house. On that note, check this video out... Pay attention to what Donnie Wahlberg explains as the reason for reuniting!!! I haven't lost sight of that, but I think they have...just fucking sayin'.

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