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Ah, hell NO... Originally posted November 3, 2010

Decided to delete an old blog started almost 8 years ago. Instead of deleting all posts, I will post many that were needed at different points of my life. Enjoy! 
FIRST: Let me remind everybody about to read this entry that Free Speech is to be expected from me as I am blunt and very passionate. Brace yourself. Let's remember back to the previous blog entry I wrote about this subject, hell, you probably don't want to scroll back to July. I will continue, and recap. Oh, I should first say, that my opinion is nothing personal against, the members of New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, and the fans of both. I feel the need to dive deep into why I am so frustrated, angry, and disappointed, and more emotions to be explained.
 Let's keep it real, I was born in 1988, yes, that makes me almost 23. I am young, but due to my life experiences I have matured fast. With that said, I was 3 years old when I first discovered music and performance. My first being Michael Jackson (I am sure there won't be any back lash for my love of that man), my second being the New Kids on the Block. Now, you may be asking how, well I had a baby sitter who was a Blockhead in her teens back then; who made me watch "Hangin' Tough" on VHS over and over. Yes, even at that ripe "old" age I fell in love with Donnie Wahlberg and the guys. I was memorized by the choreography, and music. Well, fast forward a few years, they broke up, then fast forward 15 years, and THE BLOCK was back!!! Which reminds me, with me being so young, I grew up on Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, 98 Degrees, and Boys II Men. Now, I would be lying if I said I didn't listen to all of these artists, but in the age of TRL (Total Request Live) on MTV, music was changing in the 1990's. The belly of the beast is to go along with the mayhem. Well, the appeal of the Backstreet Boys slowly died as their egos, and disrespect began to take shape when their popularity sky rocketed. When asked in many interviews about how New Kids on the Block, New Edition, the Jackson 5, and The Temptations influenced them, the members of Backstreet Boys blatantly proclaimed their love and respect for all groups, but New Kids on the Block. Stating that the back lash they were receiving was due to New Kids On The Block, and they didn't respect them for it. Which is the cliff notes version of the shit Kevin (member of the Backstreet Boys) talked about the New Kids with the rest of BSB backing him up or not really saying anything. With anything you don't have to like it, but respect is always appreciated. Not only have I RESPECTED the artistry and musicianship the New Kids on the Block have always represented, but I have also RESPECTED AND APPRECIATED how they have handled themselves with media and the music industry itself. New Kids on the Block have always kept it real in standing up for what they believe in, which means saying basically "fuck off" to the critics and embracing political and social issues so dear to their hearts. Not to mention, the charities they have embraced, as well as us fans wanting to get involved as well. In countless interviews at the throughout of this EPIC reunion, the members of New Kids on the Block have all made it clear that the reason this has been so deep, fun, and respectable has been the fact that this was all ORGANIC. When MTV/VH1 wanted to reunite them reality TV style they all declined. Obviously, the motives behind those attempts was for personal gain, and that is another fickle quality of the music industry. My respect for them increased as I realized that this time around, it isn't about the money. It is about the fucking experience, which it has been. I have enjoyed meeting and networking with fellow fans from all over the world. In fact it goes a tad deeper than that for me. You see when the New Kids came back in my life I was in a low point in my life, almost willing to take my own life. Their re-emergence into my life along with the support from my fellow Blockheads saved my life, and helped me out of the depths of darkness to the light of hope. I am forever grateful for this journey and experience, and to all of y'all this is really some DEEP SHIT. With the back story out of the way, I am now going to explain my disdain for this upcoming tour, as well as the boycott I have begun. The musical sound of both groups (even though both in the Pop Genre) are completely different. I believe the New Kids on the Block (with the exception of the first album) have written music from that ORGANIC place of creativity for the time. They have paid homage to their musical influences, such as to Run DMC, Public Enemy, New Edition, and even the rock styling of Led Zeppelin. I have noticed from the Saxophone riffs in "Baby I Believe in You" to the rhymes in "Click Click Click". The collaborations of their latest album "The Block" captured that as well, in addition staying current with what is heard on the radio today. Their performance styles are also very different, New Kids come from that old school I am give you the best show of your life mentality; Backstreet Boys don't have that same mentality. As they both sing, and do choreography, their passion for their craft is completely different. Obviously, I prefer the old school performance style. The following interview seen here (specfically starting at 3:50)addressed the Backstreet Boys or NSYNC question.... Now, I know what you are thinking. We are all adults, and it is very possible for them to bury the hatchet so to speak. I agree, however, why be so stern and forthcoming with their opinions in one of their first interviews in 2008? All 5 men of NKOTB were all adults then. ;-) Oh, that's right, they keep it real. In addressing that, I believe this new tour has fallen into the trap of the music business, and is against all of my passion and principals/morals for which I fell in love with the group in the first place. I understand trying to make a statement with Backstreet Boys appearing on stage during the shows this past Summer at Radio City Music Hall. Yet, I see this as a way help for BSB's reunion (which in reality) isn't as successful as NKOTB's. Statistics prove this, and you will agree or disagree based on your opinion of said groups. The elation that occurred in New York that night this past Summer held the same mixed reviews occurring now. It really wasn't that shocking the performance happened due to the networking on Twitter, but I think the shock of the two groups on stage together lead to the reaction. Being that the venue is so historic in performance, and New Kids on the Block finally getting the opportunity to play there after a career of 23+ years, it was EPIC, and thus the elation. The media, various journalists who were there, and the like thought this was historic (which I guess it was historic considering how different the groups really are) have built up the hype despite the reality of mixes reviews. Now, I understand both groups don't owe their fans a damn thing in reuniting. Conditionally, I would hope they would not succumb to the business and $$ in their eyes as time goes on. Yes, I believe this move is selling out, which again, is against why I love New Kids on the Block in the first place. It may or may not help, but due to my strong passion and disdain for this tour, I will not be buying tickets. To address the folks who come at others when voicing their opinions on us not going, THAT IS THE FUCKING POINT, not a threat. So you will be able to buy tickets with less stress, but what will happen when venues don't sell out or fights break out? Since this is the business, I also understand that for everyone of us who doesn't attend, there will be those who max out their life savings to go to everything, so both groups won't really miss my attendance anyway. However, if they knew my passion about music (as NKOTB has been one my influences musically in becoming a Saxophonist myself if you didn't know that), they may miss my appreciation for them as artists. So, I say ah, hell NO to this tour, since it is against my moral and musical code. Yes, I will be going on the New Kids on the Block cruise, and will get to party with my Blockhead family. Honestly, all groups need separate cruises as well. *cracks knuckles* Let the commenting begin. ;-)

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