Saturday, October 3, 2015

Frustration or passion? Originally Posted October 15, 2009

Decided to delete an old blog started almost 8 years ago. Instead of deleting all posts, I will post many that were needed at different points of my life. Enjoy!   

 Wow. It has been a minute since I blogged. Hell, I haven't had the time nor the content to blog about that was worthy in my eyes.   Anyway... let us talk about the phrase "keep it real" for a moment. I will admit I use it a lot, I value this slang phrase as it represents one's ability to stay true to themselves as well as others. Anybody that has had the slightest encounter with me, would know I am extremely blunt. The fact that I study Communication (people) does not help that cause either; meaning I am one who can see through people's bullshit immediately. Sorry. Just "keep it real" please. It is not attractive to be fake, two faced, or dishonest.   Moving on.. I would say I am very passionate about things, and life in general. I understand that life is not fair, yet I don't value people getting ahead based on being fake. When opportunities arise, I would love to be able to be positively effected based on my REAL qualities rather than the DISHONESTY many people use. I feel my hard work should pay off sometime; I am sick of being disappointed from the lack of acknowledgement for my passion, specifically with music and sports. With that said, am I frustrated that life isn't fair or does my passion get in the way of my reality?

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