Sunday, October 4, 2015

Not Knowing What to Do Originally posted June 27, 2014

If you read that previous post, I was eager to start my own business as a freelance marketing and social media consultant. The constant encouragement from friends, former co-workers, and others have pointed me in that direction. Taking pride in my entrepreneurial prowess, I went at it full speed for about a week. Yeah, that's the problem. My motivation to start my own business has come from the frustrations I continue to have finding the job where I am truly happy. With my constant ADD/OCD tendencies, I get burnt out quickly with things over time if there aren't any positive changes or motivations with them. My brain rarely stops thinking about the possibilities, music, sports, pop culture references, and life in general. Just like most adults in this country, I have debt that I have been trying to pay back over the course of the past couple years of employment. I was on a roll too, then getting "let go" from my job stopped that. Relocating for a job will just cause me more stress as I really don't have the money to break my lease nor actually move. So despite there being jobs in other cities and states, I am fine with where I live. I am finding myself seeking out travel and events than ever before. The euphoria I experience at concerts as well as traveling has grown tenfold. I thought I knew what I wanted to do, but I am in a state of not knowing what do do. Perhaps the suggestions to become a flight attendant or work on a cruise ship isn't as far from what I want/suppose to do for a career. The problem with my concert "habit" is that those I owe debt to, see my spending money on this as spending their money. Believe you me, I understand where they are coming from, but timing is a bitch. When you have the opportunity to experience something, why not go for it. Anyway, I have been continuing to apply for jobs. Researching the possibilities of establishing my own business, and trying to get out of this mindset of not knowing what to do.

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