Monday, October 5, 2015

The Danger of Over Saturation Originally posted March 23, 2015

This is not the first time to comment on this topic. The popularity, possibilities, and overall anticipation with the internet is to blame for this. Yes, there is a danger of over saturation within the internet marketing industry. Why? Well, upon falling into the industry through my entrepreneurial endeavors, it has become blatantly obvious. The funny thing is that many within the industry fail to focus on the obvious. That is social media, sure many brands, companies, people, projects, and so on have their many pages, profiles, and the like. However, they fail to put the simple connection that they require communication. While learning a lot during my work at a internet marketing agency in the past, social media marketing became more and more apparent. Now after sharing thoughts on the matter, there seems to be a following of those within the industry hanging on my every Tweet. See, when using 140 character or less, a person can get to the point quicker. Yet, whether it's negative or positive many pay close attention. Hell, with the use of lists, a person, brand, or company does not have to even follow you. They can simply follow the list. How did this become a danger? Assuming the definition of over saturation does not have to be displayed here, it seems every time you search for anything related, a new agency pops up. With the evolution of the internet along with technology, it will become apparent that many will figure out hiring an agency may not be needed after skills are acquired. Not to say agencies won't continue to exist, but to avoid this danger of over saturation, they must adapt as well.

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