Sunday, October 4, 2015

Explore Your Options Originally posted October 29, 2014

Remember that company that I have been well having a grand ol' time trying to get employed despite many attempts? Yeah, well the recruiter I had been conversing with, finally made another interview for a paid internship happen. As of right now, I have an interview tomorrow. Considering, this is really the industry I should be in with my experience, and quest to stay included. Many people who follow my Facebook status' lately might be wondering what this new career/hobby destined to be a legal way of making extra money possible turns out to be. It is the game of Texas Hold 'Em poker. Yes, a form of gambling. To be honest, I played this game a lot while in college, and became pretty good at it. After a recent urge to get back in the game after an hiatus, I decided that I should start playing at a couple of local casinos as well as join a league or two. It's a game of strategy more than luck. Yes, I still work as a Barista at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. It's good to explore your options. As you can tell, I can't seem to figure out what "one" thing I should be doing, so I will do multiple to avoid getting bored. I have accumulated some debt, that I would rather pay off soon not later.

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