Sunday, October 4, 2015

NKOTB After Dark A.K.A #BlockVegas Originally posted July 15, 2014

First let me explain, that after the high of the cruise (feel free to read the post), I was beyond ready for Las Vegas and NKOTB.  I have gone to Vegas for NKOTB events every year except 2008.  It's my tradition, and by golly as the "ONLY NORTH AMERICAN DATES THIS YEAR", I was going to make it happen. Then there was a snag in life by the lay off of my job. Yeah, that was a shitty time to release me of my duties, but it was necessary.  Oh, and I have family that just love to give me shit, and make my life difficult. So leading up to Thursday July 10th, I was a fucking mess. Due to trying to please family, I decided to cancel my flights to and from Las Vegas. However, taking the road trip with two other fellow Arizona Blockheads was well worth it. Nothing like rocking out to NKOTB, sharing stories, and making predictions for the weekend. Can't thank Tami enough for driving this weekend, and for Shannon being the co-pilot! ;-) (Check out my Instagram feed for pictures of the decorated Yukon.) A lot of planning for fun for the girls I was staying with that I met in my first VIP last year during "The Package Tour", as well as those from the cruise, and previous trips to Vegas added to the anticipation. So when we rolled up to the Planet Hollywood Valet, and saw the marquees, this shit got real. The loop on screens in the lobby, and casino added to it.  I agree with the reviews of the concert that have already been published. Oh, I can't forget the elevators. By the way, #NKOTBElevatorGate will pass as they were caught red-handed. . However, I digress on that immaturity. You know you fucked up. Back to the festivities at hand. I planned on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday show as well as the Thursday after party only. I know me, and I knew I would be fine finding further opportunities as the weekend progressed. Well, let me tell you about the Thursday after party. It all came together, Jessica and I were able to secure a great spot in the club by leaving the concert a tad early. Clearly, not our first rodeo. This allowed for us to establish some space for the rest of our group to join us as they arrived from the concert or VIP party of the after party. Well, with the guys using the extension of the booth as a stage, we lucked out big time. Donnie recognized me, and most of my girls. When "The Wobble" came on, Donnie grabbed me by the hand to lead in the dance. To my dismay, I did not expect Joey, Danny, Jordan, and other girls to join me like they did. Following the dance fest, Donnie and Jenny took the time to take selfies with as many people as they could. Very nice of them to do together. Leaving opinions of their union out of this. It's all about happiness. If you are new or haven't experienced an after party, I must share there's a VIP area for the band, friends, and family. Seems to be getting filled faster making it look uncomfortable, but what do you expect? Partying with BHs and NKOTB is unlike any other experience. The energy carried over from the concert is just indescribable, which also translates to the bond we share. Shout out to Joey McIntyre for the toast to all of us! Oh, and I was not expected to be pulled aside by Donnie for a mini conversation about our 1-on-1 relationship. As you can tell, I am opting to leave out every detail, due to the length this can end up being (we can chat sometime). I do however, want to address how awesome it was to see everybody hugging each other when meeting up again or for the first time. Despite the drama by some in this fan base, not every BH can be classified as a BSC. This is music to my ears, as we are all ADULTS. As mentioned above, and previous blogs, this is supposed to be an escape from the bullshit. Another highlight of this weekend was watching those who haven't seen a NKOTB show since the first time they were together. Meeting a girl who was there at the show Donnie fell through the trapped door, or hearing about an older couple who came as Donnie fans on "Blue Bloods" & "Wahlburgers" to have so much fun at the concert added to this experience. Really hope NKOTB After Dark will spark a Las Vegas residency. I really could used to that fun on an regular basis, just like the cruise has turned out to be. Feel free to share your NKOTB After Dark memories in the comments or if we are connected via Social Media, let's chat!

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