Monday, October 5, 2015

Why Dubstep & Skrillex ruins EDM for Me? Originally posted March 30, 2015

Want to start off by saying, that this means no disrespect towards Skrillex nor the ability to create a flare in music that is Dubstep. The creativity to create a sub-genre within a ever growing popular genre of music should continue to be encouraged. That said, Skrillex just doesn't make my enjoyment of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) better, and after this past weekend at Ultra Music Festival, it's clear the goal isn't the music.  Yes, just as Paris Hilton shouldn't be credited as a DJ, including Justin Bieber & Diddy tends to decrease the credibility of the word collaboration. Many EDM purists feel that a lot of the popular DJs in the scene have sold out for the pop spotlight. Some of us lie between the purists and general masses spectrum, thus where to draw that line continues to be debated. Yes, Martn Garrix brought out Usher to debut their new single, and that was well received. In fact with that thought comes the realization that Usher was Justin's career mentor.  Hmm? To explain why Dubstep & Skrillex ruins EDM for those us out there.  With EDM, there's a time when you find yourself lost in the beats giving you that warm and fuzzy feeling. When "the Skrillex part" or Dubstep kicks in on a remix, the vibe gets way too chaotic. The warm and fuzzy feeling turns into a "oh shit" feeling. Not really that comforting when EDM tends to be about the connectivity of your fellow human. Sounds dramatic, but for an EDM junkie, this has been experienced. Why ruin the vibe just to add a flare halfway through a track?

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