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Theory on NKOTB hugs... Originally Posted Sept. 20, 2011

Decided to delete an old blog started almost 8 years ago. Instead of deleting all posts, I will post many that were needed at different points of my life. Enjoy!

 What? A new post that isn't a continuation of music suggestions? YES! I like to keep my blog fresh, and despite my run at spewing my guts out in blogs before, time to put my sarcasm to work or not. You be the judge.
Last night after my normal people shit, I sat down to try to watch 6 things at once. OMG...the Fall lineup has begun, and all the networks had to compete with a bang. While trying to figure out if Chaz Bono is on the "Sing Off" or "Dancing With the Stars", and if Alex O' Laughlin is on "Two and Half Men" or "Hawaii 5-O", I checked my trusty NKOTB TweetDeck for Twittah updates. ;-) Life in the NKOTB world is subdued and quite refreshing now. *Whispers* Sports and other things are more exciting to me these days. *Gasp* Speaking of things New Kids on the Block, Jon Knight or @JonathanRKnight Tweeted a musing about the quality of his hugs quite arrogantly. Now Jon girls, don't get your panties in a bunch. I love Jon's wit and arrogance or lack thereof. It makes him Jon. The Tweet read "RT @NKOTBandUs: According to a very scientific poll (my inbox), @JonathanRKnight seems to take the hugging lead, with @DonnieWahlberg at a close second." This then sparked the continuous debate on which NKOTB member gives the best hugs.
People this is important Blockhead world. God forbid you are a Donnie girl who doesn't give Big Papa praise for "The Best Hugs Ever" or if you are Jon girl strong and willing to voice the same opinion about Jon; I mean you may not get that same experience the next time (tragic).  I have had many conversations on Twitter and with Blockhead family in person various times about the opinions and theories on this.  NOTE, I did not say I had any experience in this hugging pleasure from any of them.  HALT, before you readers who think my encounter with Donnie Wahlberg (Big Papa) in 2010 was a hug before my picture with him, that wasn't a hug! ;-)
See, this brings me to my theory and questions, "What makes a great hug?" "What is the difference between a good hug and a bad one, what is the key factor into determining the winner of said competition? Let's break it down, when you hug people in your family or people you don't know or like, I am guessing those hugs vary.  The emotion of hug depends on the vary people hugging each other, and if your attitude about the person you are hugging is the following fantasy "I really hope this hug leads to inappropriate touching, and perhaps a rousing round of tonsil hockey." Then perhaps you expect that hug to be THE BEST HUG EVER.  So when my fellow (true) Donnie girls get to hug Big Papa, "he gives the best ever." The following with Joe, Jon, Danny, and Jordan girls (although I rarely hear or see Jordan girls with such strong opinions). Huh?  However, if you love yet not LOVE this person, then I am guessing that hug won't meet your best expectations, thus the ranking of the 5 members commences granted you have hugged them.
As I alluded to earlier, my hug with Big Papa was half ass, due to the story of events of that weekend which is another blog entry in itself. I have never done a 5* or 4*, because I have strong theories on those although the Ultimate is intriguing minus the price, but I digress. I have yet sail on the SSNKOTB, so I will keep you posted on my theory. So let's recap my theory, the person you connect yourself (ie. Donnie girl/boy, Jon girl/boy) will give the best hugs based on your attitude, and if they want to hug you back (i.e. the half ass hug). Big Papa's quest to hug everybody in the world has certainly rubbed off on the other members, but that must get exhausting.
I must continue my quest to hug all 5, and join all of you in the tragic rankings of who gives the best NKOTB hugs EVER!

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