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TV Show Review: Rock This Boat Originally posted February 18, 2015

Hello fellow Blockheads (New Kids on the Block Fans) and any other person who reads the thoughts that spew from my brain. Let's first catch you up! Donnie Wahlberg is one older brother of Mark Wahlberg, and has been building his acting and producing repertoire throughout his career.  That's where his production company Donnie D Productions came into play.  Noble goals especially with the show "Boston's Finest" on TNT, which was about the lives of the men and women on the police force. Yes, we live in a world where TV has largely become reality based TV. The cost of production is very low, and those willing to put themselves through interesting situations for fifteen seconds of fame largely line up for such spotlight. Even with the onslaught of reality TV, networks are raking in the dough from high ratings which translates into advertising revenue. So for any eager BH paying twice to three times the amount of a normal cruise to embark on a cruise with their favorite 5 guys of NKOTB, it shouldn't come as a shock to you that the now annual cruise from 2014 will be filmed for Pop TV's "Rock This Boat".  What is the worse that can happen? That is a loaded question for a fan base that is often labeled as crazy or even worst Bat Shit Crazy. Granted there are those few out there that deserve that label, but not all of us in the fan base that is the Blockheads deserve that portrayal.  Hell, after three previous attempts, 2014 was my holy grail of getting on the SSNKOTB.
Looked forward to partying, laughing, unplugging, oh, and those New Kids.  That time to board the ship June 2014 came, and the excitement/anticipation of such an event didn't disappoint. That was obvious when my voice was gone by day 2 of a the 4 day cruise. From the first 15 minutes of the "Sail Away" party, I personally witnessed the production crew taking two sets of cast members, setting them at a table, instructing them to chat, then yelling, "Cut!". Yeah, believe me, I know reality TV isn't really reality, but I wasn't expecting such production so soon on the cruise.  Oh well, it's time to enjoy my experience with my friends, and make new friends. Then while gallivanting around the boat, my countless encounters with film crew members entailed asking their opinions (off the record) of our "little" fan base.  The underlying fear of the show portraying all of us as a crazy bunch of obsessed opportunists, and well, BSC (Bat Shit Crazy) was very evident. If you are aware of the laws of sailing international waters, there can't be a spontaneous wedding starring two members of New Kids on the Block.

A wedding on a cruise has to be ordained by the ship's captain as well as would not likely include a guest list of the rest of the other cruisers. So when Donnie (unofficial cruise director) makes an announcement to all meet on the lido deck immediately, we all came running, only to find out we are about to be a part of a wedding that would put most fairy tale weddings to shame in the mind of any Blockhead. As a person just waking up from a hour and half nap (I possessed free time after the photo op with the band that morning), I just ran for the elevators. This brings me to the point of this post, the review of the actual show. After having to sign a waiver to be shown on TV before embarking, of course I was going to watch the show. I wanted to see if I could spot friends, I were to be shown, and how the show was going to turn out.  The back stories of each group of cast members varies, and be proud to be a fan ladies and gents (oh, wait after meeting the Scottish Men on the boat...let's just  My personal opinions of the cast members is not important, but what is important is Rock This Boat is portraying us in that BSC way that is feared by pretty much every BH. Other than who these people are, and their connection to NKOTB as a fan, it is VERY obvious that everything is staged. The show does not show the BLAST that the cruise truly is, and that every Blockhead should experience it at least once in their lifetime!  Oh, and the dude who claims to be the cruise director/narrator of the show has not given accurate information throughout each episode.  I can't speak for every Blockhead out there, but please for the sake of a devoted fan base show some continuity in your information! This can not be the way Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Jordan Knight, and Jonathan Knight actually views us as fans, or is it? On a scale of 1-5 on quality of show of a personal experience, I will give the show a generous 2.5.  

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