Saturday, October 3, 2015

Are Hashtags Good or Bad? Originally posted October 20, 2013

Regardless your skills on social media or lack there of, you should have heard about Hashtags. A hashtag is using the # sign before a word without spaces. It can be used for better search through social platforms or for emphasis on a post, Tweet, or status. No matter the social media platform(s) you use, you are sure to see these used heavily.  The main question is whether or not they are good or bad for your efforts? With the onslaught of photo apps such as Instagram, people have been using an array of Hashtags on their posts to "label" as well as emphasize their posts. However, it really is not normal to have a conversation with hashtags in "real life".  The following video of a skit Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake explains how annoying overusing Hashtags can be.   A recent article posted by Mashable, discusses how using a Hashtag can backfire, causing the original intent to be lost.  So how will YOU use Hashtags?

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