Saturday, October 3, 2015

Selfless or Selfish? Originally posted November 17, 2013

Good question to think about every now and again, don't you think?  Through assumptions, a person can only hope that their intentions are interpreted the correct way.  Perhaps this a topic to think or talk about around the holiday season. However, if people get in the "holiday spirit" throughout the year then there is not much to debate. From the media throughout the world, there has been a focus on the bad things people do. From crime to war to harmful things people do to each other. Thus, when something positive or good happens to a person or group of people, it is seeing a huge thing. For those who donate their time or money to help out charities, their churches, or any other organization, some describe this as selfless. Yet, then you get the people who call that selfish. Yeah, there is always alternative motives behind helping people out in this way. It it about the notoriety for helping, that is actually a selfish act. Are we selfless or selfish? How can we as people continue to help people, and not let the personal notoriety get in the way. You cannot lie that the feeling of helping out another is extremely gratifying. Is that act really selfless then? You have helped somebody out who needed it.  So, what distinguishes people from being a philanthropist or not?  There really isn't a formula on how many selfless acts a person must make, to be considered a philanthropist.  Suppose the act of calling yourself a philanthropist is actually selfish. The identification of such could be revered as a way to get the notoriety. Come to think of it, the people called or referred to as philanthropists are usual political dignitaries or highly revered people. It tends to lend to their status of having the means (whether monetary, or power) to lend to non-profits, charities, or other organizations.  Are people really selfless or selfish?  The question remains. Here are some causes you can support... Andre Agassi Foundation Andy Roddick Foundation Wound Warrior Project

 Just the tip of the iceberg.

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