Saturday, October 3, 2015

Do You Believe in Magic? Originally posted November 20, 2013

Pretty sure you read that title in the cadence of the song, but that is not really the point.   Have you noticed the success of magicians over the years?  The industry is still very popular and successful in Las Vegas.  Many "demonstrations" have yet to be solved, and those that come after plan ways to outdo their predecessor.  Is it the ability to make people's mind freak out or is it the fact that people are so curious about such possibilities? From David Copperfield to Lance Burton, to David Blaine, to Criss Angel, their definitely is not a lack of popularity of the last 30 years. Despite the programming on TV, Criss Angel and David Blaine have turned what used to rare appearances to mainstream acclaim. When the demonstrations or illusions are successful, the rush for the person and the audience can be extremely satisfying. Just with anything in this world, there are skeptics about magic being a bunch of made up stuff.  Then again most people that don't believe, cannot really explain how the "trick" was done.  Thus, this returns us to the possibilities previously mentioned.  That being said, do you believe in magic?  It is hard to tell from the TV shows that have garnered millions of views.  The ounce of trust that what you are seeing is deceiving seems to be what every demonstration and illusion are about. Perhaps when we solve one question we will be able to solve, "how did he/she do that?"

 "Reality is perceptive."- Criss Angel

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