Saturday, October 3, 2015

Noble Professions Originally posted December 11, 2013

As the world is well aware, there are countless professions available for people to pursue, then settle on. As an American, those the most noble are those who work for the fire department, police, or military. Then again, those in healthcare, more specifically nursing or doctors are revered as noble as well. Why is this in question? Well, those in noble professions have the potential to save lives. Most do without wanting or needing the satisfaction of appreciation. They do it because it is their jobs, and they are passionate about it. Tragedies of many different kinds happen from weather disasters, to attacks, to people making interesting (bad) decisions. When something happens, these people are revered and remembered, but can be taken for granted on a daily basis. A recent event that should come to mind, would be the bombings on the Boston Marathon. The intentions to kill or harm many people was met with great response.  The first to respond sprung into action to help their fellow man despite the danger or any other obstacles. The word noble tends to be mutually exclusive with respected. Perhaps the issue has to due with the personal ramifications saving someone else's life does.

 Perhaps the number one question in all of this would be, do those in these noble professions believe they are noble?

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