Saturday, October 3, 2015

Do You Post Too Much? Originally posted November 13, 2013

That's the "million dollar" question when it comes to social media.  Since the onslaught of social networks over the years, the need for instant messaging has subsided. Social network has replaced "chatting" to a capacity.  For instance, when the original intent of Twitter was to update by using 140 characters, then people could respond.  This still remains true, but with the popularity of the network, it has turned into what some may call a chat with motives.   Those motives, advertising in some capacity. Conditionally, Facebook's popularity after Myspace's demise has changed over the years, yet it's original intent remains.  The only difference is Mark Zuckerberg's goal of monetizing through advertisements. Some may say, that the CEO's ways of getting to this goal, has been done without care of privacy. However, the use of social media depends on the user NOT the network. This brings us to the question. Do you post too much on social media? Depends on your goal of being on the network in the first place. If you just started to follow somebody on Twitter, and obviously they have been on Twitter for awhile, it may seem that they post too much.   For those, who aren't sure what they want to get out of Google +, posting a lot may not be the normal go to behavior.  For those who just joined Facebook (which at this point is the minority), then your intent may be to stay in touch with family, close friends, and follow who you find interesting. For those with a strategic goal of attracting followers and loyalty through those numbers, why? Use of social networks in the most honest way you can, will be the most rewarding.  As said in previous posts, social media is to be kept social. Otherwise, it's just media with a one sided view.  

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