Saturday, October 3, 2015

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? Originally posted December 24, 2013

Over the years there has been a ongoing debate about how much to be politically correct considering people celebrate each holidays based on their religious affiliations.  That's fine, because  we must not offend our fellow man. Now, some may say they use "Happy Holidays" due to the number of holidays between October and New Year's.  Yet, as we embark on 2014, the most used phrase is "Happy Holidays".  As much as shopping is advertised this time of the year, it is a debate that seems to be avoided nowadays.  A person could say "Happy Chrismahankwanzaka", but in reality that is far too many syllables for a greeting. Personally, I use both or the above to make sure to include everybody.  The sensitivity to religion has made this debate continue for as long as it will. For the people less religious than others, they may wonder why it matters. Nonetheless,  it is smart to be mindful of others whether or not you celebrate them. Another personal note, I grew up celebrating Christmas, and as a kid was extremely excited to open presents the morning of as well as be around family.  As you get older, you realize it's important to be around the one's you love more than just the holidays. As ideal, it isn't realistic as life circumstances change to all convene on a holiday. With that, Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?   In the words of Ellen DeGeneres, "Be safe and kind to one another."

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