Saturday, October 3, 2015

Happy New Year! Originally posted January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Happy January 1st! 2014 is finally here! It's time for new beginnings, and as always those well intention New Year's resolutions.  The pressure to keep, and uphold such resolutions is why majority of people only last about 3 weeks. Try year goals, because the pressure is significantly less. Personally to recap 2013, I was employed the entire year. First with my job at Safeway, then transitioned to Vertical Measures.   Moving to a better city was also a plus. I continue to work on controlling my anxiety, but things in 2013 were great. It was a year of experiences. The forecast for 2014 is very bright.   As you know, opportunities present themselves, but it is about what you do to seize them. A  new, clean slate (year) is a great for everybody.  I will continue to learn from life,  and my career.  The lost of things and people over 2013 should continue to teach us to live life, and appreciate time we have with loved ones whether family or friends. On that note, if you have seen the event announcement being shared throughout social media. You should be aware of the new Google+ Hangout On-Air series launching January 3rd, Trending Topics with BB. This will be an opportunity for you to join the HOA or interact in another way about the trending topics in pop culture.  Yes, this won't cure cancer, but I also work on that through raising money for well-known organizations.   However, this will be fun, and perhaps continue to get people talking about the latest headlines. Be THERE (tune in LIVE via Google + or YouTube) 9PM EST January 3rd!! Happy New Year!

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