Saturday, October 3, 2015

Happy vs. Content Originally posted January 21, 2014

As I approach my 26th birthday, I have learned to reflect on the past year.  It's funny to realize how fast time flies as well as how much you can do in a year.  I crossed the year mark at a former job, then go hired full time at a job that suits me.  I can see myself growing and continuing to learn from the job I have now. As of this month, I have paid off a huge chunk of debt, that could have bit me in the ass later in life. I am proud of myself for having a head on straight to get this done. I am well on my way to having my other debt paid off as well. I guess you could say I have some financial goals to reach this year. This is where the comparison of happy vs. content comes in now.  I am happier these days than I have ever been.  I have learned so much about myself over the last 5 years, and well, I am understand the importance of being content.  Despite my former stubborn ways, I like having this feeling of freedom from pressure lifted off of me.  It let's me think more clearly. This positive outlook could be my anxiety medication talking, but it's a start.  I need to get out of my own head from time to time to reflect. A person can figure out what is really important to them during this reflection. Then being content is to be happy. See what I did there? Yeah, I am "Under Control".

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