Saturday, October 3, 2015

Gut Instincts Originally posted February 1, 2014

Ever have an gut instinct about something or someone?  You know that feeling that something just isn't right. Perhaps you have had many of them over the years.  It has been said that women possess more, and maybe better gut instincts than men. I personally think there isn't a divide between women or men. The vibe surrounding a person or situation varies, thus so does the  feelings attached. The interesting thing about gut instincts are that they aren't always the most popular thoughts about that person or situation.  As social tendencies tells us, that people tend to go along with the crowd after awhile. However, what is to be said for those who stick by their gut instinct about something or someone?  Some may say stubbornness, others may say refusal to change mind.  When a vibe just screams "DANGER!" then it's hard to not go with your gut instinct. There is also the case of other people having the same gut instincts about the situation or person as well, but like mentioned above, it's in the minority.   For this, time will write itself, and the gut instincts will be confirmed or discounted.

  "Never ignore a gut feeling, but believe that's enough."-Robert Heller

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