Saturday, October 3, 2015

Over Sharing Originally posted January 10, 2014

Ever been around a person you feel shares to much information after only have met them recently? Perhaps you have also had that situation where a friend, acquaintance, or colleague shares more than you wanted to know after a few alcoholic beverages.  The general discourse is enjoyed by both parties, but end up with more than they bargained for in the long run. How? Well, once the person who spoke too much realizes this, a feeling of guilt and perhaps embarrassment is experienced. Now this is where a person's maturity comes into play. What you do with this information is of the utmost importance. You can decide to share this information with more people,  however you must be held on the fundamental trust that those new to this information will use it in a harmful way.  Understanding a person's sense of humor should be a priority.  Sarcasm has a way of being interpreted the wrong way, causing the embarrassment to arise. So how can one make over sharing a positive thing? Still trying to figure that out, but for now tread softly in these types of situations.

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