Thursday, July 21, 2022

'What the F' with Ferry Corsten


    When I fell in love with electronic dance music in the late 1990s through radio exposure, little did I know that all of these years later, this music would be so cathartic and fun.  Therefore, Ferry Corsten whether by his name or the many aliases he has built over the years, creating so many tracks that have to contributed to trance music and electronic dance music culture has been great to witness.  When Ferry and his team announced the What the F tour featuring nights of open to close sets full of Ferry's entire catalog, most if not all of us fans were delighted. 

    Due to my personal local scene, the possibility of a open to close night is scarce, so I determined traveling to Denver would be the best option. In the process of attending events or sharing my love for this music over the years, I asked some friends to come along as these sets are historic.  Upon arrival at Summit Denver, Ferry began with his more progressive tracks, then built the energy as more fans arrived with dropping familiar track after track.  The anticipation of new edits on tracks along with hearing another classic drove the night.  The addition of the track IDs by Ferry's team on the screen as well as music videos or events from the past added to the journey. Great production all around.

    The night is just good vibes from start to finish. As the night kept approaching the finale of a 6 hour journey, it was clear that Ferry has produced so much music that it could easily exceed 6 hours. As eluded to before, these nights are historic as it is currently not clear if these type of open to close nights will be performed by Ferry in the future. It is HIGHLY recommended that you attend one of these even if you have to travel. 

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