Friday, July 8, 2022

‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ with Markus Schulz

In the current electronic dance music industry, festivals, clubs, and private events have welcomed more and more artists to be scheduled. Therefore, DJ’s sets have gotten shorter over the years with the average set at a festival being just one hour long. When the underground scene began in warehouses and clubs in the 1990s or early 2000s, the art of DJing was alive and well with marathon sets to keep party goers energized for an entire night.

                DJ andProducer Markus Schulz began his career as a resident DJ playing marathon sets and honing his skills. During his entire career, Markus has kept the art of DJing alive by playing extended and open to close sets where attendees can enjoy the journey of music for hours on hours. What is known as the “rabbit hole” or late hours into the set where the journey incorporates melodic techno to get weird has become legendary over the years.

At the end of 2021, Markus began releasing new music under his Dakota alias that embraces melodic techno over the big room trance sound and along with that began announcing specific Down the Rabbit Hole open to close sets in particular venues and cites in 2022. One of the first being in Denver at a brand-new venue called the ReelworksDenver which is a repurposed warehouse for these types of events. Despite the snowy and cold weather on this February 12th night, the anticipation for the FIRST open-to-close by Markus Schulz in Denver at a new venue was insane.

Whether it is your first time or another one to add to your list of attending these marathon sets, it is encouraged to arrive early when the doors open. The journey begins as you walk through the door with or without your friends or family, proceed to the bar, and get settled in to enjoy the music. The energy builds with each mix of a new track and as the venue begins to fill with eager attendees. These events are designed to keep the positive vibes alive for the duration of the set, which in this case, was 6 hours.

As you can gather from everything explained thus far, is these nights are designed to be considered special events for you to attend.  The legacy of Markus Schulz continues with the love of music and the art of DJing being at the forefront.  The camaraderie found from attending these events due to a mutual love of the music and euphoria found in a shared experience is truly special. It is HIGHLY recommended that you attend one of these even if traveling is required! 


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