Monday, March 4, 2019

Mental Health Stigma

Here we go again and again. The world loses more beloved entertainers due to "apparent suicide", and the out cries of pain, agony, and wonderment fill social media and the internet. The only problem with this, is the despite whether or not people close to Steven "Brody" Stevens & Keith Flint reached out in any way to help them through "their demons", the stigma contributed to this tragic outcome. You may be wondering (even though you are on my website) how I could be qualified to make this declaration. Well, just like the millions of other people in the world, I have almost taken my life due to my anxiety and depression in the past.

The subject of mental health continues to be discussed on my podcast Trending Topics with BB in an effort to make talking about mental health just as normal as the latest plot of your favorite Netflix show. The stigma surrounding mental health not only keeps those suffering from reaching out, but it contributes to the pre-judgement itself. Also, as I have pointed out before, every person with mental health "issues" deals with it differently. The many different medications available have side effects that concern an individual more than the issues they are "designed" to contain.

So, I ask the world to really take a look at how you could be contributing to the stigma, and educate yourself on the MANY ways you can help your fellow human.

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